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3mos old kitten

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Hello everyone

My uncle got a kitten from his friend place. He has soo many cats and a few kittens. He picked this little guy out because he was the most affectionate one while the others were hiding and ran away from him. They named him Joey. Right now he is a lap-kitty. But aren't all kittens are like that. I know they do change there personality when they get older. Also, when you have more then one cat, they tend to not to bother with humans as much. They rather hang out with the other kitties instead of humans. Do you guys think he will be a lap-kitty when he gets older? Let me know what you think? Please reply! Thanks!

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your photo link didnt work ?

Anyway Dino was not a lap-kitty but he sure it now so I´m sure they do change - but the more socialising they get with humans in their younger years the more likely they are to be cuddly and warm towards you I also think it depends on the cats personality - Pepsi will come to you for head-rubs and scritches when she wants..........so they are all very different
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What you did was the recommended way. Visit the litter and pick the one that comes to you and pass on the ones that shy away. That is exactly what I did with Persi; his siblings withdrew but he came forward so I picked him and he has turned out wonderful. Wishing you the same luck, I am sure you will get it!
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not all kittens are lap kitties My Stormie wasnt much of a cuddler and still isnt that much but she is now 7 -8 months old and she is becoming more of a cuddler Each cat is different...i know we have Stormie cuddles every once in a while and I have had her since October and well she just started to really cuddle last week and its not that often that she cuddles, adn Blue who is 8-9 months old was a stray/feral and the lady trapped her as she deos for a lot of ferals and rescues and she socializes them to adoption and what not and the real tough ones she traps/fixes/and releases...but blue is the BIGGEST cuddler in the world she is always going for ur lap but its just too cute!!! But every cat is different and as they come into their personality. But also we have 6 cats and well they ALL show us affection me and my mom more so then my brother and dad but they are just my mom and mine kitties and yes they have each other but blue rather be on someones lap or back then with the kitties and with 6 cats i really never seen any of them cuddle together, i have seen them mothering each other and the dogs but thats about it..Tessa out of all the cats is the most independent I think she will find something to play with including pillows if the other cats aren't around or anything and Bella she just loves her scratches and being on her mamma's chest especially when I am doing school work so it all just really depends on the cat itself all are different and all have their own personalities for sure
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