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Feline dictator

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Ali , who is the smallest of my 6 babies, has always been the boss and kept the others in line. She has always been outgoing and goes to visit friends with me across the road. She walks across with me and sits on the sofa like she's royalty. Anyway despite this bossiness and out going nature she never meowed much. But in last last 2-3 weeks she has 'found' her meow and is constantly shouting at me and my DH. She follows me in the bathroom and sits on a cupboard and shouts if she can't get in the sink. She meows if I don't let her 'help' me on the computer... in fact I spend my whole day being meowed at. Is she unhappy and trying to tell me, or has she decided to make up for all the time she was quiet?
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The queen on my house, Scarlett, has always been talkative with us and she is half the size of most cats in my household. In fact, she announces herself (vocally) every time she walks into a room, jumps up on the bed or sofa with us, or if we're not paying enough attention. My theory is that she is simply telling her serfs (us) to serve her needs. We joke that her philosophy in life is "it's all about me!" and announces herself so you never forget it. Your girl may be doing the same.

But 1 question - how old is she and is she spayed? If she is not, she may be in heat.
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That sounds a lot like my Pearl, who has the sweetest little chirpy meows and trills... and knows how to use them! In her case, it's clearly a request for attention, or sometimes just an expression of enthusiasm, I think -- she trills when she jumps somewhere, she trills when she runs...

And when she finds a toy or a ball and decides to bring it to me, I can tell immediately -- "Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!" all the way across the house until she drops the toy in front of me to request some playtime!

Yes, she's adorable... and she knows it...
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
But 1 question - how old is she and is she spayed? If she is not, she may be in heat.

She is nearly 10 and has been spayed.

I think I will just have to get used to a feline running commentary of life!!
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Alley, who has only lived with us for six weeks, just started meowing last week. I never heard a peep out of her until then and now she is meowing all the time; it is like she has just now found her voice. Or in our case, maybe she was just to shy to show us she had one.
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