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eating to much

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My cat is about 6 years old and is a Tabby (male Calico).He eats a lot and doesn't really play that much but he does go outside often.He is obese and is always getting beat up by other animals.

What could I do to make him stop eating so much?And my parents/hippies sometimes smoke pot when near him is this bad for him?
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I think you answered your own question there!

It cant be good for him to breath tabacco/cannabis smoke and it sound like he`s getting stoned though there could be other causes of his laziness and overeating.

Its never good for cats or any other animal to be over weight. It will place a strain on their heart etc.

Im no expert but my cat is greedy, a little overweight and the vet has told me he mustn`t get any fatter. He goes out and I encourage him to play every day to burn some calories. Also when he`s begging for food even though he`s just been fed, it helps to distract him with a toy and play a game instead.
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The easiest way to make him eat less is to feed him 2-3 meals per day. That means you only give him a certain amount, and when it is gone, he doesn't get any more until the next meal. Does he like to play? Try playing with different types of toys with him, such as strings, laser pointers, peacock feathers, and furry mice (be sure to hid the strings when you're not around to watch).
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