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True love stories

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So mu DH and I were talking. Here is the story...

When I was 11-14 in 1986-1988 I was in Hawaii. My DH was living there. He is 9 years my senior, I remember clearly looking out to the ocean at Wahamea Bay and seeing a group of kids about 9 years older than me standing there. I made eye contact with one of the males. A young blond male with a young blond girl. His GF at the time was blond. We talked about it, the area I was at was right infront of his building. He can not remember if he ever made eye contact with someone that much younger than him. In my heart of hearts I know it was him. We met at a stop light 11 years ago. I know we were always ment to be together but that is to weird. I know we made eye contact 10 years prior to when we met.

Does anyone else have weird stories like that?
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Thats a very awesome love story!! I dont think mine compares to that.
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No, mine definitely doesn't compare to that at all!

But how romantic that is!
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That's beautiful! You were destined to meet!
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Nope not for me..I'm not that lucky

That is beautiful for you though
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Husband and I were love at first sight. It didn't matter that he was ten years younger. We've been together sixteen great years, married almost twelve.

Your story is amazing, obviously your paths were meant to cross!
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