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Eyelid Cysts

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About 3 months ago I noticed a small pimple like thing in the corner of my Sunny's right eyelid. Then I noticed another one on the top of the left eyelid. I decided to wait it out a little bit and see if it would go away. I waited about almost 3 months and then decided to just go to the vet. He said that they were some kind of cysts and gave me a topical antibiotic called Vetropolycin to apply the cysts twice a day for ten days and see what happens. Well it's been about 10 days and nothing has changed. Now he is saying to watch them and see if they get any bigger and if they do surgically remove them and perform a biopsy. This kinda worries me. I was hoping that this antibiotic was going to do the trick I really don't want to have to put him through surgery. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had to deal with something like this and what they did? Thanks in advance!!!
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My cat had a cyst sorta thing that made his eye lid swell so we went the vet and they treated and put a cone on his head so he wouldn't scratch the wound.He couldn't go out for two weeks which made him ALWAYS Meowing and crying I got like 1 hour of sleep those two weeks.Crosses fingers for you
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My Eightball (age 10) has gotten a couple of those over the years and they typically stayed around for a few years and would just disappear on their own. I also consulted my vet and he said that some cats are prone to them, but watch them if they grow or get uncomfortable. Just keep a very close eye on it and if doesn't change in size or color and you don't see a changed appearance of his eye, you are OK. As a side, Eightball also had a cyst on the back of his neck for about 5 years that never changed in that time. A short while ago it just disappeared. I'm not sure if he is just prone to cysts in general and would watch all parts of your baby from now on.
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