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Doesn't meow?

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My kitten Blossom doesn't know how to meow properly. My son rescued her at 3 1/2 weeks, could it be because she left her mum so young & can't remember hearing other cats. She chortles softly. When she 1st started to meow she opened her mouth but no sound came out. Now she's very hard to hear. Even if she's trodden on accidentally she doesn't make much of a sound. She purrs loudly though.
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Meowing is natural, some more then others.....I am sure she is just fine and will get her point across however she has to!
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Not all cats meow - Portia meows up a storm, but Diesel barely says anything!

I'm not sure if being taken away from their mother so young has much to do with it, because Portia hasn't had her mother since she was about 2 days old!

I wouldn't worry too much - Some cats also do the silent meow - Where they open their mouth but no audible sound comes out - Sometimes I think they are making sounds that are beyond our hearing but that other animals could hear
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I have different meows from all my cats, ranging from Mister who is so loud he can be heard outside through closed windows to Scampi Marie who squeaks like a mouse.

There is such thing as a silent meow, it also depends on how old the cat is now. She may get louder as she grows up a bit.
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I've had cats that had very soft meows. Worse problem is if they are in a closet or cupboard and you can't hear them!

Even my rexes which normally are talkers and loud; I've had ones that you could barely hear....of course my breeding nice if they had a little quieter voices!
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Lexi doesn't talk very much. She can meow, but just doesn't. The only time she meows is if her food bowl is empty! Otherwise, days even weeks can go by without me hearing a peep out of her!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I've had cats that had very soft meows. Worse problem is if they are in a closet or cupboard and you can't hear them!

Even my rexes which normally are talkers and loud; I've had ones that you could barely hear....of course my breeding nice if they had a little quieter voices!
Oh I can sympathise with that. Precious (you may remember her story) NEVER meows, unless she's in heat...then I swear the windows are going to break from her serenades.

Several of my cats very rarely make a sound.

Beandip only meows when he wants attention and I didn't notice him, or when I have him poised for his pill and he doesn't want it! It's funny because he's a big cat and the noise is very small.
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I'm sure she has a hiss if you step on her tail, I had little whiskey, and he chirped, kindof a ya-nya-Never meowed, don't worry bout it, I have one here that won't stop meowing while she rubs my leg at the computer. She does it for hours I play with her, pet her (she doesn't like being picked up, although I'm getting her used to it when she does this) I can't play with her for hours on end, and she's still a teenager, (bout a year old), She Meow's !!! and Meow's!! and Meow's...Had her checked at the vets, and he says its pretty much the norm for Tortishells. They're more vocal than most cats...Mike, Medford, Ore
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abi is very quiet too, more like a little mew for everyday purposes. She might meow if I have not fed her on time or I lock her in a room by accident. I dont think it's unusual.
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My neighbor has a cat that doesnt meow AT ALL. It's quite strange.
Mine wont shut up..
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My two cats rarely meow at all and if they do, it's because I'm preparing food for them, getting their treats or they need something from me. They do silent meows once a while.

I remember I was at the vet office and there was this cat that meow the entire 2+ hour while being there. OMG I think I would go insane if that was my cat!!
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Our cat Lizzie has never meowed and she's 6 years old.
I was kind of worried about her so I asked the Vet and he said there was nothing at all wrong with her, then he laughed and told me that she just didn't have anything to say.
Her Sister Gracie on the other hand never shuts her mouth...I swear that one talks in her sleep
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Neither of my kittens (7 months) meow very much, though over the past few weeks Pekoe has been getting a tiny bit more vocal. Sometimes I think it just takes them awhile to "find" their voice, other times I think they're just not chatty!

My Mom's 7 month old (from the same litter as mine) often does the silent meow. It's just adorable. He;s also taken to squeaking just like a little mouse...
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Yup -- our seven-month-old St. John Dundee is a squeaker, too. It's just the sweetest sound!

By contrast, five-year-old Dylan rarely says a thing, but when he does, by golly, it's effective! He mrrowwrrrs so loud and low and mournful that the whole household comes running to see what's wrong!

Blossom is a lovely name, by the way -- do you know the very pretty James Taylor song by that name?
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I always wonder if part of it has to do with how much we communicate with them. I am constantly talking to my cats, askig them questions, just baiting them to talk to me because I love talkative cats. I did this ever since they were young and with Saki I feel that if I had not always talked to him he wouldnt be much of a meower. Either that or he has learned from Zoey because she is a major talker.. she actually speaks several languages.
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My late cat Cooksey never meowed. She just went, ack. It's normal. I mean, a proper meow is rare.
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