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More Cats

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I now have 11 cats, instead of 9.
It was rather quite by accident...I wanted to share the story...

Last Thursday I stopped in at a store in town and there was a sweet grey cat hanging around outside the store.
The lady who owns the store said it was a stray, and would most likely be put to sleep if someone didn't take it home.

So being the kindhearted person I am I told her I would take it home, however I live 7 miles out of town, and still had several errands to run in another nearby town, so I told her to keep an eye on the cat for me, (as I couldnt very well have it in my car for two hours) and I would pick it up on the way home.

Well a couple hours later...I went back...and it was gone.
I drove around the surrounding area for awhile, looking for it, but eventually gave up and went home.

So then the next day, (friday) when my husband got home from work...he comes in and says..."Why the heck did you take another cat?????"
I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, then he told me that the guy who is in charge on putting the stray cats to sleep in that town, came up to him with this cat in a cage, and said he had been told that I wanted it. (It's a small town, so he knew who my husband and I were, and the lady at the store mustve told him I would take it if he caught it)

So...we went out to the back of my husbands truck, and let the poor scared thing out of the cage...
I picked it up and was petting her...she's real friendly...when suddenly, around the corner comes my two dogs.
The cat arched straight up, and flew out of my arms and over my shoulders and down my back faster than lightening!!
She took off for the hills.
I looked and looked for her,to no avail.
The next morning I went out and looked some more...but she was gone.

So then that afternoon...my husband and I went into town to get some things, and there in front of the same store was the grey cat!!!
I couldn't beleive it had traveled seven miles!!!!!
So I made my husband pull over, much to his chagrin, and I picked the poor cat up. It was starving, I could feel her ribs...so as soon as we got home, this time I held on tightly to her until I could get her to the food dish, away from the dogs.

She ate and ate...and she was so loveable!!!
Then suddenly my husband says "What the heck???"
And I looked back and there were TWO grey cats eating out of the food dish!!!!
The one he brought home friday and the one we got that day!!! They were two different cats!!!
They both looked about starved, and the only way to tell them apart is that one has white feet.

So I named them Whiskers and Dolly.
I don't think hubby is too happy, but he'll just have to get over it!!!
Now I just have to get them both used to the dogs, and also to the other cats....neither of them is very sociable with other animals. But they are both great with people.
Just had to tell you about it!
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that story made me laugh out loud!!!!

that is so great. those kitties are so lucky
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Who on earth would have thought 2 gray cats!! I am glad you ended up with them both though. I am dreaming of a much bigger house right now so I can add to the family!
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that's a great story! and i just love grey cats, my little blue
is completely grey

it makes me so happy to hear of two stray cats finding a home with
suck a kind, generous woman, who will love them and care for them
- and what a unique story you have to tell

let us know how they are adjusting
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Well, as I say (even though I only have one) - You can never have too many cats I am sure they have found a wonderful home with you and they will be very happy.
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Well, they seem to be adjusting well, getting used to the other cats, and my two dogs...but tonight I noticed one of them has worms so bad, (poor thing) that they were coming out of her (not to be gross, but thats how I noticed it)
So now I have to worm all 11 of my cats, since the worms can be easily spread. Oh my. What next? I'm still glad I rescued them.
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Hahaha! Great story Debby!
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Debby, you're the best!
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Bless you, for giving two homeless cats a loving home!

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Dear Debby,

You're such a great person and WHAT a story!! I loved it. I have a question for ya. Do the grey cats seem to get along with one another; even though they aren't sociable with the others????? The reason why I ask, is because I have two greys now and (they always seem to have come in pairs!) in the past that would only like each other or maybe one would get along with the others; but never at the same time...it seems the bond between them is so mystical. I love my Sharky and Job so much. Sharky's such a clownwhile Job is definitely a feral...although he's come around and it's taken nearly a year. But...when he does...what a love! Shark gets along with most anyone...if he feels up to it...not one of my other cats accept Job...it makes me so sad for him I give him all the love I can which is as much as he'll take from me on any given day (it vasilates according to his mood).
I'm so happy these kittieeees found YOU Deb, they couldn't have found a better home.

Love & God Bless All,
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Actually, No...they don't get along with each other either. I wormed them all last night, (no fun task) and I have to repeat it again in 2 weeks!!!
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