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Anyone love the old Nintendo games???  

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Here's a cool site I found with an emulator for all the old classics: Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, etc.

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I looooooove old nintendo. I think I have one My fave is Super Mario 3
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THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these games and always have because they bring back so many memories. I got rid of my nintendo when sega came out. Thus, the reason I bought a gameboy advance sp. I could play both nintendo and sega games on the same module!
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I prefer the old nintendo games to the new ones! I always end up feeling dizy and nauseous when I play them. The old ones were just great!
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My husband has a bunch of old game systems and games, he collects them but never plays them. The systems in turn... collect dust.
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I LOVE the old Nintendo games ........... all of the Super Mario ... old or new........ Im going to check out the link!

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I LOVE Nintendo games! I've found that the best quality stuff can be downloaded from my Nintendo Wii. I've been playing that almost every day since I've brought it home in November. It rocks.
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My kids have some of the old Nitendo games.I'll bookmark this site for them.THANKS!!!
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I would seriously kill to get my hands on a Super Nintendo with Super Mario 3 and Super Mario Kart, I used to baby-sit some kids just so I could play super Mario Kart
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You can sometimes find those on I found controllers for the kids Nitendo 64 on
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I'm so glad my internet connection isn't fast enough for me to play those games. Otherwise, you would have created a monster!
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Just so everyone knows, posting links to emulators and ROMS for them is illegal. This isn't one of our rules. It is illegal in relation to applicable laws on copyright and piracy. This thread is being closed.
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