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Should I Be Concerned? About His Size.

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most of you have already read a couple threads about Kevin, my newly adopted sick kitty.

he was found as a feral without his mother at around 6 weeks of age and was in a foster home ever since.

he is 8 months old and weighs only 4.5 pounds. he is not thin at all. i cant free feed because he and kya both chunk up, so they have 2 mealtimes per day, along with the dog.

anyway, should i be worried that kevin is so small? Kya is the same age and twice his size. the vet didnt even believe us that he was 8 months old until after he checked his teeth. he didnt seem concerned about his size though because kevin has a healthy appetite and is not thin.

i ve been reading some other threads about having bloodwork done on cats who are small or thin. does anyone think this is something kevin needs?
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Hi - As long as he seems healthy I wouldn't be concerned. I have an 8 year old persian that only weighs 6 lbs. He has never gained any weight the entire time I've had him. He just isn't a big eater.

Maybe as your baby grows he will put on a bit more weight.
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I think the breed of the cat has quite a bit to do with this. It seems like Persi quit putting on weight at age 8 months. This was very unexpected because I thought he would grow until at least 12 if not 15 months. Oddly, he seemed to quit growing when our new cat arrived but I free feed them both so I know that it is not an issue of not getting enough. I really do think he has some more growing to do. And he is very healthy so I do not worry about it even though his mother weighs 4 more pounds than he does.
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As long as he is not truely thin like emaciated... I would wait and see ... Zoey was a feral for about 6 months and found right before her kittens were born( she is a prime example for early spay she was about 8 months and done with her first litter) ... she got thin about a month after coming home, she had been spayed just days after finishing nursing .... My vet said dont worry just keep an eye on her ... well she is at age 3 filling out
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nope not thin at all just really small, i think his growth was stunted from lack of nutrition as a kitten or maybe from having the URI for so long.
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if Kevin is like Zoey hell get to growing in a few months
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