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I don't feel well.

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I ate some caramel wrap last night, the kind you make candied apples with and I ate 2 of them things. when I was eating the second one it got stuck on my tooth and I woke up with a toothache from hades and I was crying because it hurt so bad. I got an aspirin and then my mom got some oragel to put on it. I can't go to the dentist until Monday, because they aren't open on weekends. It doesn't hurt that bad anymore but I really wanted to go to the shelter today to volunteer but I had a really bad toothache. I haven't had a toothache in forever and I HATE them. but I do feel like I am going to throw up because of the oragel.
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Hope your toothache goes away soon!! I cant hardly eat sticky things for that reason~they KILL my teeth!!!
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thanks. I have my aunt's birthday party to go to in a couple hours. I hope I feel better after that. Plus, I haven't really eaten anything good.. we are having hot wings for dinner and cheesey tater tots, I hope I will be able to eat them and then we are having cake and ice cream at my aunt's. I just think I put too much oragel on my tooth.
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Oh no- I hope your feeling better soon!!
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Could be - the Oragel might have been making you feel sick. Hope you feel better for the party!
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Oragel makes me feel sick. I always end up gagging everytime I have to use it.
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thanks everyone. I have never used Oragel until now and that could be the reason why I don't feel well.
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Did you try rinsing with salt water? It may help.

I am sorry you are in so much pain ...I used to get some bad ones as well.

Lots of pain free vibes going your way.
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thanks, stormy. I did try that last night but it just made it worse. I am feeling better now, but just a little dizzy. It's probably because I haven't ate real good all day.
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Hope you feel better soon, toothaches really are the worst. If you can get your hands on some vicodin, that really does kill the pain - ask the Dr. for a prescription when you see him.
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okay, thanks arcadian_girl!
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Awwwwwwww I hope your tooth stops hurting soon and you are painfree!
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Oooh, tooth pain is the worst eh? I hope it feels better soon.
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thanks everyone.
It doesn't hurt too much now. I was able to eat dinner. just salad since it was the only thing that sounded good.. and then I had a little bit of cake and ice cream at my aunts and did fine. If it is still hurting tomorrow, which is likely I will have to make a dentist appt. on Monday. I have no idea how bad the tooth is. You see, I did chip my tooth eating beef jerky and I think something my be lodged in there but I can't tell by myself and I have such a crowded mouth.. so hopefully the dentist will be able to help me. I just hope I don't have a cavity.
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I hope you feel better soon Try to get into your dentist asap
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thanks, Nikki. I will be making an appt. on Monday.
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If you chip your tooth just right, you can do something ot a nerve making it hurt like hades. I figured that out firsthand.

I hope your tooth feels better soon!
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