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Laundry Kitten Story Continued...I NEED HELP!!

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Now about those kittens in the small laundry....I can tell happy tidings...sort of....

The owners are back and the kittens and mummy cat are in terrific conditions. Kitty litter provided, food provided, space provided, water provided....all is good.....I even have a little female one...6 weeks old....I know, not 12 weeks but they were giving them away then and there and didn't want to tell them what to do and offend them...they're soooooo much better than the cat sitter....

Now...here's the tricky bit....Russell does not like his new sister at all. He hissed and growled and tried to swipe her one.....no harm done. Basically territorial aggression here....

I have no idea what to do and am trying the towel trick and separate rooms for feeding.....I'm punishing Russell for bad behaviour still but I don't know whether that's the right thing to do either.

She's inquisitive of him and would adjust to another cat well but Russell's just a grumpy bum who's not happy after realising that the place isn't his.

We're still deciding on a name for the little one, but that's not urgent at the moment, sorting out an arrangement is.
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Oh...and yes....he is neutered.
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You will get better answers over in our Behavioral forum on this. I'll move it over there for you.
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It's very normal for a resident cat to take offense to a new kitten. The gradual introduction is always the best way to start. Even with the slow beginning, there's going to be some hissing and spitting. Once they have been smelling each other for about a week, you can start bringing the new kitten out for a few hours and keep an eye on them. Russell is just doing what comes natural and making sure the kitten knows who's boss. As long as he isn't hurting the kitten, time to adjust is the key.
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Well...after last night...it's ok to have them in the same room...
And now she hisses and growls and Russell meows and scampers. Russell sniffs her but she instigates attack now....pretty much expected after last night....

But it's getting better...slowly though I will have to separate them from time to time just to give each other space. ^_^

I'll keep you updated, especially when we get round to naming her...

So far we've come up with Doofus, Kitten, and Missy. I don't have a fondness for Missy. Doofus....well I doubt it...she's intelligent...and Kitten....well she is the baby but I'd like a creative name as I tell my other half....

And just now, Russell groomed her??? They're next to each other...and it looks like they're getting along..........
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hmmm, naming kitty- i love that part!

what is the personality of the cat?
you say she is smart, hmmmm....

(wheels are turning)
oops wait, you didn't ask for any help with the name did you?
oops, sorry, i get carried away.

i knew a cat named Missy, so named cuz she was "prissy" and quite a lady.

you mentioned a laundry- how about a laundry soap name or fabric softener, like Bounce...?

hmm..i am not doing so hot here i am?

well i can't wait to find out what you name her!
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WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy tidings!!!! In the space of 24 hours, Russell and the new furbaby are fine to be left together unattended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooo happy and lucky. Russell cleans her after she's gone to use the kitty litter and she mimics and follows him when she isn't playing or sleeping. Though she does watch television and has to see what I'm doing on the computer like right now. ^_^

And my stress levels have now reduced......aaaahhhh...though both kitties are visiting the vet soon. Russell for a worm tablet, (gotta check weight and I don't have scales), and new bubby for first vaccination and worming.
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Truly a happy ending now, right Mags? That is GREAT news. And I'm so glad your two have worked it out - sounds like they'll be great pals. :tounge2:

About the names - I don't know if you saw the thread that Leslie (Bundylee) started, but she asked everyone to post their favorite cat names. It grew to over 600! If you want to look around to see if you find something that fits your new bundle of joy, here's a link to the thread:

Cat Name Ideas

Have fun! ...and let us know what you decided!

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Yup!!! Definitely a happy ending!!!! I love happy endings!!! ^_^
Haven't decided on a name yet....somehow we both keep returning back to Doofus...she's smart but she does the most not-so-smart things....
and there's far too much kamikaze pilot in her. She dived off a window sill and landed on her head. I was worried thinking spinal injury, brain trauma....but no...she looked up at me and squeaked in an attempt to meow as if to say "That was the most fun...." She then promptly struggled and ran off to pounce on Russell's tail.

Russell looked at me as if to say, "Why did you have to rescue this one??? I'm sure there were other choices." Though he still grooms her and plays with her and I'm convinced that he teases her with his tail. And I've cuaght them on film sleeping together and sharing the cat post. ^_^ Though...hush....we can't tell Russell, his reputation could be tarnished....lol

And I know she's 6 weeks but I cannot believe she's tunning into everything and anything deliberately.....and yes she HAS toys!!! It's like a kid playing with bubble wrap instead of the toy that came in the box!
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When we first brought our kitties in from outside (July), we bought and were showered with cat toys. Well go figure. Their all-time favorite toy is the plastic ring you peel off a drink in order to pull the top off. Paper bags are probably next in line. Shelly LOVES to stand on tables and push things off. The louder the noise when it hits the floor, the better. Watching the bird feeder out the window is GREAT fun, but we limit the "Cat TV." !

Crinkly paper - like when you unwrap the clear plastic that encases the top of cottage cheese (do they do that there?) is hours of entertainment. The only store-bought toys that have retained their interest through today are the little furry mice that have something inside that rattle a little bit. Oh - boxes are great fun. We cut extra holes in them and tape them into mazes. Throw that little ring from a bottle in there, and they're occupied for hours!


HEY! How about naming her pounce? It sounds like Bounce, a laundry detergent, which fits the laundry-room rescue, and she's a pouncer!

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Well....we've decided on a name....Doofus.....she does the silliest of things at times....haven't worked out why though...but she's so adorable....though now she likes to use us as potential pounce targets.

We took both kitties to the vet. I needed to weigh Russell for a worming pill and don't own scales and her for her first vaccination and worming. And both got a clean bill of health. Though we have to put Doofus on a dry food diet for now and see if her diarrhoea clears up as the wet cat food is too rich for her poor tummy. So now both kitties are on dry as they both insist on eating from each other's bowls.

We woke up in the middle of the night to find Doofus suckling from Russell. And him not minding it to which the vet said was normal though I still find it a little odd. And it's confirmed, Russell teases her with his tail....I just need a camcorder to record it!

Oh and boxes....they both LOVE boxes....crawling in them jumping, sniffing, rubbing....it's all good! And plastic shopping bags....I tie em in a knot and throw them and I get kitties chasing after them. ^_^ Though I am now going to collect boxes and make a maze... Yeah, the only toys that have kept interest are those little rattly mice that get lost under the furniture or fridge or into the cat bermuda triangle in the house so another has to be fished out....

And since they're indoor kitties, if you've seen Toy Story 2...it's kinda like the little green guys. Their eyes light up and their little faces seem to say "Oooo...it's someone from the outside" and then they stay a distance away watching and if they're feeling brave go closer to investigate. And the outside world is ALWAYS going to be a fascination and the birdie window is lotsa fun. Not to mention the leaves that fall from the eucalyptus trees, (gum trees), out the back. ^_^
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