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hey i've been away from tcs for quite awhile, and i dunno if anyone remembers me, but i'm sorta back now! i couldn't stay away from this friendly helpful place forever

just to introduce myself again, i'm patty, and i cats i have 2, one is the mother of the other,.... oh, yeah, and i have a dog, too

anyway just sayin' hi!
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Patty- its so great to see you posting again, I was just thinking about you the other day!
Hope to see you around the board more often now!
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thank you, i was wondering if you'd remember mee!
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well hello - I checked your oldest postings (cos I wasnt sure if I remembered you) and it seems it was in May 06, which was when I you are new to me

Well enjoy catching up and I look foward to seeing some photos of your kitties
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3 View Post
thank you, i was wondering if you'd remember mee!
Of course! How could we forget you!?
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Welcome Back, Sweetie, Precious, Patty, and Sharie!

What took you so long??? We're just glad you and your gorgeous furbabies are back, and we hope you won't stray far again!
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Hi welcome back, although u are new to me because i joined in november but I cant wait to see photos of ur ur siggie i can tell they r all gorgeous and cant wait to see more well see u on the forums
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Welcome back!

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Hola y bienvenido de nuevo a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome back to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Welcome back Patty and crew
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Hey Patty, welcome back! It's weird, but I was thinking about you the other week. I was posting pictures of JinJin, and I always remember how you always took the time to read about her and comment on her pictures. I always appreciated that.

It's good to see you back!
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WHAT AN ADORABLE SIGGY and what an incredibly cute CAT!
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Having all the new people is nice, but it is always good to see a familiar name pop back up.
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Ok so I do not have a WB graphic yet but I plan to
I do remember you Hi WB
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you have some cute kitties there! Your sweetie Fred reminds me a lot of my Nicolas T. Cat. How old is Fred? Nikki is pushing 17 and going strong -- he's got the quickest paw in the Mojave! when DaBird comes out
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Welcome back, Patty!
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