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So Dynah was fixed just over a week ago. At the same time she got her last set of kitten shots (with rabies) and a microchip. Two days ago she started sneezing.
Now for a little history.
She's never had an upper respitory infection, and I've had her since she was a week old (so I know). Her mucus is not yellow or white, it is absolutely clear, which means a lack of infection.
Last week I switched the litter to Maxx Cat (which for the americans of the group I think is the same as Tidy cats) multiple cat. It has a light babypowder/flowery sent to it. I also had to use some spot shot on the carpet earlier, so that's a new chemical as well. Otherwise nothing else is new.
The lady at the petstore mentioned (and is my suspecion as well) that it might be that she's having a small reaction as the shots go through her system.
I'm wondering if I should get some Worlds Best Cat Litter, since it's so low on the dust and no perfume and see if that clears it up.
Of course I'm being dilligent in checking for any signs of it getting worse or infection, but so far she's staying pretty consistant in sneezing every 15min-half an hour with clear mucus. Her eyes are not watery and are bright and clear and she is just as active as ever.
What do you guys think? Should I wait another few days and see if it's the shot or go and get some WBCL? Or maybe something else?