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What to do

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I have 4 of my own cats all are altered except for one, she was due to go in the first week of feb but they would not spay her because she had an URI so they suggested to wait until she was no longer Ill.. Great. She got out and I am going to assume is pregnant and I will not be spaying her if she is pregnant ( i do not need the lecture this is my decision leave it at that) my problem is this. My 4 cats are indoor/outdoor cats... recently I have had up to 3 identified additional cats in my yard and one has started spraying. I have tried to get close to him in hopes to TNR but hes not having it and is too smart for a have a heart trap. I live in Rhode Island and the last thing on my police departments minds are cats. The woman who does animal rescuse is out of town until april. What would you suggest?
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Do you have a cat-flap into your house - a friend in the UK caught one, by putting cage inside right up to the cat flap - she coaxed the cat for days with food it finally came into the cat-flap as it saw food inside - of course in came right into the cage and she caught it. She only did this at night, cos thats when the cat came round, and her cat was OK cos she was in the house away from all the action just a thought
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I don't have any thoughts but I wanted to add one little thing. You might want to leave the trap out anyways and constantly check it. I have tried to trap one cat for a long time, thinking he was too smart for it and he saw all his siblings be trapped. One day I finally caught him. He must have been so hungry. Get him on a feeding schedule and then one day move the food to the trap. He just might fall for it and it wouldn't hurt to try.
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Do you have a cage or crate?
If you have a cage rather than a trap he might be more likely to go into that.
Leave the door open and get him used to eating in it and when he's used to it,Then
just attach some strong string to the door and pull it closed when he's in
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