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Cat Fights

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Need help. I have 3 cats. Pearl, Wonton, and Hannah. Hannah is oldest, then Pearl, then Wonton. Wonton is only like 2 years old. Wonton chases Pearl around, but thats ok. She has claws, and he knows not to try and fight her. On the other hand, Wonton also chases and follow Hannah around. Hannah doesn't like Wonton, so she'll hiss and bat at him. Then they get into fights, all the time. What would be a EFFECTIVE way to stop this.
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How old are your cats? My cats appear to be fighting all the time but there is never any teeth or claws involved. DW tells me it is just like the "fake" wrestling matches on TV. Mine just love to wrestle and either one is likely to intsitigate it at any time. Is there a lot of vocal activity when they fight? The reason I never worry about mine is there is no vocal activity, they just like having quiet little wrestling bouts and nobody is getting hurt. Of course, if somebody is getting hurt, that is a different story. I mention this because I was also very concerned at first until I absolutely convinced myself this was their way of playing with each other.
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Do they ever act endearing towards each other?
I ask because to some extent, fighting is the norm in most multi-cat households. Mine behave like typical brother and sister, love each other one day, hate each other the next.

When their fighting gets out of hand though, I usually make a loud noise that will startle them enough to separate them. You never want to directly punish one of them for the fight, its a group effort, after all I've found that stomping my feet, banging against the wall, etc is an effective way to break up the event, and it makes them associate the fighting with an unpleasant noise. You know how cats hate to be startled!!
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Yeah, like Persi ...I would say is it a real fight, or play fighting? My cats "play fight" (wrestle) every day. There is some bossy kitty/ submissive kitty type stuff going on here too...but nothing serious. That's pretty normal IMO. Multiple cats living together establish a hierarchy usually. If there's no blood shed or loud screaming I let it go.
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It's a real fight. Vocal it is lol.
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You mentioned Pearl's claws. Do Wonton and Hannah have claws?

Have you tried a Feliway "comfort zone" plug in diffuser? A lot of people have success with that. They're pricey but might be worth checking into.
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Wonton and Hannah do not have claws. But Wonton is bigger than both cats. Guess I should mention they are all Indoor/Outdoor cats.
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You need to give her a safe place to run to, as I've had to do with my older females forever, as the males just think it's their job to torment them. Find somewhere she can get to high up (vs the ground or a table) with room (18 x 18") only for a soft pillow but nowhere for him to land. Start putting her up there routinely every time he starts in - intercept the chase and show her she can be safe.
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I would caution you on NOT letting the declawed cats outside unsupervised. If you are staying with them on a harness that's ok, but with no claws and unsupervised, they have no defense if in danger.

Sometimes being outside they pick up different smells and that could be part of the "fighting" problems.

Ling and Charlie "play fight" but if I hear one of them crying I stop the fight and break them up - however they DO sleep together sometimes......till Charlie (usually) decides to grab Ling's neck....
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