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My lovely fireplace!!!!

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As we are in the process of selling the house I have been taking a few pics as reminders of my lovely little home. Here is part of my lovely lounge with its' pretty fireplace........................ what is that on the mantlepiece?!?!?!?!

hmmmm, that is Max - he's definitely NOT part of the fixtures and fittings!!!!!!!!

Cheeky little devil - I hadn't realised he went up there!!!!!!!
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What a lovely set of photos!! Thanks for sharing!!
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He looks very content up there!
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That is such a homey picture. Max makes it perfect.
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Be careful, someone may think the house comes with the lovely fireplace with the kitty attached..

Your home looks lovely.
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He certainly looks comfortable!
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That is a lovely fireplace but you have stuff on the cat-mantle!
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That would be a sure seller!!!
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Max can't bear to leave his best friend - the fireplace, behind! Awww...
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He is very clever to get up there without knocking anything down
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Aww I want that for my fireplace too
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