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If you go on their website (dont have it to hand), you can order trial sizes of all the flavours, and they do sell 400g bags, just haven't found a lot of places selling that. IT isn't a true senior food, as it is senior/light - less calories and somthing else, can't check, cos the cat just sat on my knee!!

Am having a good day with Lucy - the other foster went to his new home today, so Lucy has wandered round the room a lot more, and has had access to the house, she has walked all the way downstairs and come back up!!
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Im going to do that then. I know everyone says Hills aren`t good quality.
We tried Perfect Fit sensitive but everywhere near me sells all the varieties EXCEPT the sensitive one now all the trail size bags have gone!
Glad she`s doing her work out!
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Poor girl She has to be so uncomfortable at that weight! She's a gorgeous girl, though. Hopefully this is her start on the road to health.
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I am really pleased that she is getting more active and moving more now the other foster has gone - I just need her to eat more now (I know that sounds an odd comment with her weight, but she eats less than my females who are half the size of her, so I am worried it wont be enough to keep her going!!)
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Aww... she's tubby alright, but she's oh sooo sweet!!! I fell in love with her cute little face in the second pic Good luck in getting her healthy!
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Well, things are going quite well really, we are starting the integrating, and my girls are relatively OK with her, Tiger has had the occasional spit, but getting supper overcame that!! Molly just looks at her quite curiously now, which is a big thing for Molly, so in a few days, I can start letting her have all evening and all night out to see how they all get on. The eventual plan is to have her completely integrated with my two, and to have the outdoor access that mine do, as to keep her separate would give her no chance at all of losing 4kgs, my cat room is a good size, but not good enough for that, plus she is going to be here the best part of the year!! No new pics yet, and her next weigh in is on the 8th April, I hope she has lost some then!!
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Lucy is a chub, but she's a pretty chub!

Hey, there's more of her to love.

As far as weight goes, this is sad...I do have a few suggestions, but I'm sure there is nothing I'm going to add that you haven't considered.

*A low calorie diet, fed in two meals, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. I would only offer her 1/4 c in the a.m., and 1/4 cup in the p.m., of lite CANNED food, that contains NO grains...which have been known to create weight issues in cats. In her case, I would even consider transitioning her slowly to a raw diet, but this will take A LOT of research and planning on your part, and should be done under the advisement of a raw-friendly holistic vet. Even a partial raw diet could help with the weight issues.
*Do not allow her any access to the food of your other kitties. Don't allow her to "sneak" food from any free-feeders you have.
*Experiment with as many interactive toys as you can...get her moving, even if the play sessions are no more than 5 minutes at a can slowly try to add on more minutes every few days, and offer 3-4 different play sessions each day.
*I don't normally agree with any cats outdoors, as I feel that most cats should be indoor only for safety reasons, but in Lucy's case, I would do some researching about walking her on a harness 3-5 times a week. She needs the movement, and perhaps could learn to walk with you for a half hour to an hour each day. This will also take some reading and learning on your part if you've never walked a cat before outdoors...I've never done it, so I can't offer you any great advice on it. However, there is lots of reading that can be done on the subject on the web, I'm sure.

Anyway, bless you for caring enough to help this little (or big?) girl! She looks like a sweetheart, and her markings are gorgeous! You can do it!
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She is very pretty, and good natured.

I am in the UK, and finding light wet cat foods is incredibly hard, I haven't actually found any yet, so she is on 90% wet, with only a small amount of light dry food in the evening, which she has to work for!! A raw diet isnt an option, I have already considered and thrown it out of the window for my own cats, they just get high meat content food now.
She doesn't have access to my own cats food, but they also have senior/light dry food, so if she did find it, I would just reduce her dry food for the day.
Yep, we do that already, she is using some of the toys that mine wont use, I only let her play for short periods until she has lost some, as I dont want her overdoing it while carrying so much extra weight.
I live in a safe area, and have weighed up the pros and cons to letting my cats out here, and apart from fosters, all mine have had outdoor access. Whether she will want it is a different matter. Have tried harnesses on cats in teh past, only one has liked it. I would have to buy a special one, as she is way to big for my cat one, and I dont want to do that as I doubt she will like it with my previous experience.

Thanks - wasn't really my choice though, she was with another fosterer who was struggling, and as I have done it before, I got nominated to step in!!
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As I had to shuffle cats to fit Shabba in, Lucy's integration had to be moved up a couple of notches, which also included outdoor access, so here are a few pics of her antics this weekend. I didn't get more than one outdoor pic as the camera batteries died!!!

This one is her sulking, if I wanted to take her room of her, she was going to take over the washing!!

Then her debating what to do

The only outdoor pic (she wandered more today as it was quieter at 8.30 this morning than it was yesterday afternoon!!)

Then, she was sooo tired after all her adventures and exercise, so I let her off playing last night

She has her second weigh in on Thurs, fingers crossed she has lost some.
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Awww! There`s my little dumpling!
Hope her weigh in goes well. I will have my fingers crossed!
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Cheers!! I think she has lost a little weight.
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Well, she has stayed the same at her weigh in, so will have to work on her a bit more. She is moving more than when she first came though, and Tom was very up and down for the first few months till we worked out what food and exercise level he needed, so not that down about it - and now the weather is getting nicer, she will move more.
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I've only just seen this thread, I am shocked at the state that poor girl is in, she is just rolls of fat, how could anyone let her get like that? It's abuse in my book.

I hope that you can get her to gradually lose weight, she will be much happier and healthier when she can run round and groom like a normal cat

I am not sure about food but my gut instinct would be to avoid anything with too much carbohydrate so I'd be inclined to look for high meat content foods unless she has other health issues that would mean limiting protein? I wouldn't take my word for it as I'm no expert though.

Getting her started on gently increasing the amount of exercise she does can only be a good thing though

I am so angry for that poor girl, she didn't get like that overnight, surely the owner and previous vet could see she was getting a bit porky, why didn't they do anything?
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It is abuse in my book too Epona, I feel so sorry for the poor girl, at least the last overweight cat could keep himself clean, she can't even do that.

Me too, but it is going to take a long time!!

Might have to rethink her food - although just ordered a 3kg bag of light dry food (she only has a small amount a day though, it is just to keep her going overnight) - have tried her on NAtures menu, but she brought it all back up again!! Can't do HiLife as some of it is complimentary, so she would have to have dry with it, which I dont want.

We have been outside again today, and I have encouraged her to walk all the way to the end of the street with me, and she had a fair wander, so hopefully now the weather is nice enough, she will walk round with me (I will get to lose some weight too at this rate) and I have a few unorthodox methods with her!!

she obviously didn't get that big overnight - and this cat was taken for yearly boosters, so either the vet ignored it, or the vet told her owner and got ignored. It is one of the few good things that the new law will bring in, vets will now be able to report them.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post

Thats one beautiful cat- at 7 years old I can only keep my fingers crossed she will be okay
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Thanks, I am hoping that too - the last overweight cat was 12, and it hadn't impacted on his organs - but she does look worse. We dont have the funds to blood test every cat in teh rescue though, if I can find £40 for it, I will get it done though.
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My Nuit was 17 lbs when I got her but not solid like some 17 pounders....all fat no muscle to her. She is now 14 lbs and still a fat girl but she looked just like your calico girl.
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Well, we have really struggled with Lucy's weight, so the decision has been made today to put her up for adoption, i have put her on the rehoming page tonight, and she will go on our website when the person who runs that has a chance to do it. Whoever she goes to will be very strictly vetted though. The main problem is she is such a lazy cat, and despite loads of toys, including Da Bird (although we have only had that a week, but not convinced her to play with it for more than a few mins today!!), getting her interested for a decent length of time is very hard, so I think she would be best off with someone who works part time, or doesn't work at all, in the hope that she will then interact more and lose weight. She is now 7.8kg, so she is better than when she came, but she is yo-yoing here, which isn't good. please keep your fingers crossed that we can find her a good home, and she can then become the slim (ish), young cat that she should be.
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Lucy went to a new home this weekend, they have had a slightly overweight cat in the past, so know about diet and exercise and are confident of being able to get weight off her. The lady only works 2 days a week, and they have 2 kids under the age of 6, so Lucy should be able to get more time, and more people to keep her playing. I am keeping in touch to make sure it is working. She only got down to 7.7kg while here, she lost 100g in a month, but had lost interest in Da Bird, and I really struggled to get her to do anything in the last couple of weeks.
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Thanks for the update about Lucy.
It sounds like she has gone to a home where she will be loved and very busy.
That should help get the weight off.
I truly hope that it works out for her.
Thank you for caring.
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yay for Lucy!!!!!!! that's so great she found a home those kids should help get the rest of the weight off of her
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I hope her new home works out for her too, I Felt guilty initially when I put her on the rehoming page, as she was supposed to have been here for however long it took to get the weight off her, but as we were struggling, I thought it was best for her to go somewhere they could give her more time, which is what I have managed to find. House does feel strange without her, but it always does with the long termers who have been fully integrated. I Will be getting regular updates though.
When I get back off my hol, I have 2 oldies lined up, as I no longer have a long termer, one is 11, and one is 16+, so her 'space' wont stay for long, and it gives me the chance to help more needy cats.
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HAve spoken to Lucy's new owners today, and she has settled in better than they expected, she is fine with both their children, and their eldest has wrote her a note to say how much he loves her, so he is besotted with her!! I am so pleased for her, she has a home where she can have lots of fuss now, as that is what she missed out on here, I only had so much time, and spent the majority of that working on her weight, so I know she will be happy.
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I am so glad she's doing well! At only 7 years old, she needs to loose that weight so she can live another 15 years!!
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