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Some questions reguarding Cats

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Hey everyone

I dont currently have a cat but I've always wished to have one The thing is that my mom wont let me cuz of a few problems that I'm gonna ask you guys about.

First of all, we have birds and fish. What would the cat's reaction to them be? Would it be safe or would the cat try to gobble them up? Do you guys have any birds or fish with cats in the same house? what can I do about that?

2nd I would like to know how to take a cat with me by road if we move elsewhere in the future? We usually travel by road so can I take her in some way with me?

Would it pee on the carpet? Cuz we live in an apartment and I dont want her to do that, 1 major reason my mom doesnt let me have them.

I think thats it for now, I'll ask some Qs later if I come up with any
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The first thing is that most adult cats may go after a bird or fish. If you get a kitten, they will be curious at first, but they will grow up thinking of the bird as part of the family. With fish, it's always wise to keep a cover on the tank so that the cat doesn't get into the water. Most tanks have chemicals that aren't healthy for a cat.
What do you mean by traveling by road? Cat's can be moved anywhere you go. Of course, you would want to put the cat in a carrier for travel.
Cats generally will not pee on the carpet unless there's something wrong, they weren't trained to use a litter box, the litter box isnt clean enough etc. Cats prefer to cover up thier scent after they use the bathroom.
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I'm planning on buying a kitten so he may learn that the b irds are part of family? Could he put his claws from the sides of the cage? or would they hurt us for letting him have bird supper? My fish tank is covered so that might not be a prob then. But my birds cage isnt, its closed but it can be reaced thru the bars

I meant that wouldnt the cat be scared if he has to sit in a car for like 8 hours straight? Cuz some of my friends said that it could really scare them or what will her reaction be when we take her out of the carrier?
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I dont think I would worry about the cat getting into the cage. More than likely the kitten would sit and watch. Possibly want to play. If the cat scares the bird, the bird would probably hop to another part of the cage. I have seen LOTS of cats and birds live together in peace when the kitten grows up with one.
Cats generally don't like to travel, but they adjust. When you travel for more than 6 hours, you would want to have a carrier large enough to put a small litter pan in. I wouldnt take the kitten or cat out until you were at your destination and it was safe to let them out. I traveled by car from California to Connecticut a few years ago and everything worked out just fine
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oh wow i'm from CA but am living in tx for a temp time and want to go to ca back cuz I miss it so muc. And we usually travel by car which takes 2 days with staying at a hotel for nights. But I dont want to stop that from getting a cat and want to take it with me whenever we go back, tahts why I asked. How did your cat reacted when you let her out of the carrier and did you let her out in a hotel room?
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I actually travel with a few quite often and we stay in a motel for the weekend. I just got back from a cat show in FL in which 4 of them went with us. When you get to the motel, they sometimes act a little scared, but for the most part they come out to explore, eat, drink and use the litter box. When in motels, you just have to find all the spots they may be able to hide in. If you know you are moving back, you can take the kitten for short car rides to the store, or just around the block to get them used to car travel. The more they are exposed to something as a kitten, the better they handle these things as adults.
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ok thanks for all the help I was so worried about all that lol.
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Sandie has some fantastic hints about car travel. I did it with Russell when he was a lot younget taking him here and there, mostly the vet as he was a very sick kitten. He now just sits on the back car seat in short rides and doesn't complain. That and he's had to be transported by plane once, he realises cars are much more friendly.

Another tip is to let your kitty explore and sniff the car while it's parked in the garage. That way it's not suddenly a new environment and you might even be able to set a few ground rules like now tearing the upholstrey to smithereens.

Though the safest thing for you and kitty if the kitty wants to explore is to use a cat crate for kitty to be in during the trip. So you can drive safely without worrying about where your kitty is what they're doing.

Kitty may meow during a trip.....I'm in two minds about how to handle this. Some vets recommend that you talk to your kitty in a calm voice to clam them down. Other vets recommend that you give them praise when they're quiet. I tend to do both. It helps to have their blanket or favourite indestructable unable to be lost toy as well as it provides a familiar smell of home.

Good luck.
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