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Job interview next week

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I have a job interview on Monday. My job agency person applied on my behalf 2 days ago (it was an internal job so i couldnt find it on their websites or papers) and told yesterday that i have an interview Monday. The last time i got my hopes up i was disappointed, so i trained myself to just be fine if they said no. But instead of this being in a supermarket or an op shop, the position is as an office assistant in a company who supplies medical equipment. Anyway i am kind of looking forward to it now, and it means a step closer to moving out. So just have me in your thoughts in a couple of days, i hope it goes well.
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well great news you have an interview

Heres whizzing lots of positive good luck (=(=(=(=( vibes )=)=)=)=) for you I´m sure you´ll do well !

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Lots of good luck heading your way for the job interview!!! Think positive!!
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Good luck on Monday. I like to think positive to relieve the stress of an interview. If this doesn't work out, it wasn't meant to be and only means that there is something better for your out there!!
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Sending you some good luck from Pennsylvania!!!
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good luck, hope you get the job.
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(((GOOD LUCK!!))) Many vibes coming your way!! I too have a job interview Monday-we can be nervous together!!
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)))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Good vibes to you not get nervous on the entreview!....
Good luck!
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Oh that is good news! I hope you get the job
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Oh it's been about 2 years since my last interview and i'm freaking out. I've been going to a counceller for the last few months for depression and stuff and i'm so worried i will get stuck when they ask me about how i handled some tough situation or what kinds of things i will bring to the company. 17 hours to go
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oh crap oh crap oh crap

i have to leave in 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh sodding cookies!!!
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Just do your best guys...that's all you can do. If it's not good for them, then they're not good for you!
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