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Wet Kitty

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Here is a few Pics of Spice in the bath,She is very mischevious and gets into everything And well because of that she was starting to get smelly.

She didnt mind the bath much,she has always loved the water.
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Bet you didn't realize she was that small either!
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Ok here are some bigger pics

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haha! Gotta love them when they're tiny and dripping wet. She's still a beauty.
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How cute...Yea, they do look "tiny" dripping wet..
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OMG - how adorable!
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Its a drowned rat!!
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What a tiny little kitty you have!
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amazing that she likes the water so much!
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She has liked the water ever since we have had her, We now have to make sure toilet seat is closed or she will play in the toilet
She is small for her age she is a month younger than my other kitty yet half the size.
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I can't wait to see this one grows to be an adult cat, it looks so cute
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