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Cozmo has a eye problem,,,

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Cozmo was fine all day, I went out in the garage tonight for a few minutes and them Yvonne comes out and says Cozmo's eye is giving him big problems. It was all puffy and watering real bad. I held him by a strong light and I think I pulled a hair out of the inner corner of it. I have some of the eye drops left from when Missy had eye troubles so I put a drop in Cozmo's eye to see if that makes it feel better. It seems allot better now, I hope he just had a hair in it and it is nothing bad coming on.

It so far don't look like pink eye like Missy had. It came on so quick thats what makes me think it was just a hair in it.

Have any of you out there ever had a hair get into there cats eye and make it water and look puffy??

I will of coarse keep a close watch on him and see how his eye does. I have to go away early in the morning for most of the day so I hope he is OK in the morning. The poor little guy, I hope he isn't prone to having all kind of health problems, I still feel bad that I didn't realize he had problems after his neuter surgery with a infection earlier than I did.

I guess he is like Tuffy was in that respect, he hides that he is not feeling good so well that he has to be real sick before I can tell something is not right, All our other cats I can tell a mile away if they are not feeling good.
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Carly sometimes has that problem where she gets something in her eye and it takes awhile for it to stop being irritated. As long as you are keeping an eye on it, he should be ok.
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Oh, poor little Cozmo. I hope his eye is better now and he has no further troubles with it. Hugs to all and healthy eye vibes to Cozmo.
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I once had an eyelash growing inwards & it was extremely uncomfortable. If he has recurring trouble with it, get him checked out at the vets.
I hope he's OK, I always worry at the least little thing that Blossom gets & she's only 6 months.
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It must have been just a hair in his eye. It has not bothered him since I pulled it out the other night.
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Wonderful news Tom. I know with Carly, it is quite disconcerting to have her watch me with one eye scrunched up.
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Hi, His eye is still doing fine today. Which makes me happy.
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That is great news, Tom.
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