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Can I share my evening with you?

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I had a hay delivery tonight. The gentleman travels with a zoo, two Jack Russells and a parrot. I have asked him to keep his dogs in the truck (they like to chase my cats) His reply is "they might chase them, but they won't hurt them!

So he comes tonight and he lets his two dogs out- immediately one goes under the house and chases out Cleo and Stryker. I plead with this guy to put the dogs in the cab of his truck, so he does, but he leaves the :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: windows all the way down. Meanwhile, he puts the parrot in the hay barn which is where Fly is at the moment, so I have one feral cat freaking out over a parrot. I finally capture Fly and put him in the upstairs. Go back down and one of the Jack Russell's has jumped out of the truck and is in hot pursuit of McGilly! McGilly scrambles up a tree 30 :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: feet high! The tree is about 60 feet high. The man strides over, straps the poor dog 6 times before I can even say anything ( I am to worried about McGilly in the tree) and then looks at me and says "I was waiting for her to do that so I could punish her!"

Ok, so my thoughts are get this guy out of here quick, get the dogs gone and McGilly will come down out of the tree. I go over to help buck the rest of the hay off the truck, keeping a worried eye on McGill who is thankfully not going any higher (or lower) and the man takes the parrot, reaches over and puts it on the back of my horse Trav! Trav freaks, gallops away the parrot squawks and flies off! She flies behind the barn, so of course no one can see where she lands and they spend the next hour combing our property calling to this parrot who is smart enough not to answer!

I am in a quandry- I have a kitten up a tree a parrot loose on my land and a freeze predicted for tonight weather-wise. I am sorry but my McGilly gets the priority. My neighbor John is kind enough to come over with his pick-up truck, we put the ladder into the bed of the truck and he scales up the ladder, and grabs McGilly perches McGill on his shoulder and as he is bringing her down- McGilly freaks and flies out off his shoulder, hits the ground running and scoots into the house!

Meantime, the parrot has been located in our walnut tree, that is they can hear her in the tree, but she is yellow and green and guess what color the walnut tree leaves are? Yep, green and yellow. Maggie the parrot is in perfect camoflauge. No one can find her until she decides to take a healthy dump and then they see her up at the very tip on a weak limb. The pick-up truck is driven to the base of the tree, by this time there are 6-8 neighbors in our yard and everyone braces the ladder while the owner gets up on it and scrambles out to finally capture his parrot!

Geez! I never knew a hay delivery could be so exciting. I will keep my thoughts about this gentleman to myself as I am a lady but Thankfully kitty and parrot are fine, one Jack Russell is probably sorry he was ever adopted to the family she belongs to and maybe next time the man will leave his zoo at home?
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WOW! Hissy you had one heck of a night! I am so sorry. I hope he will leave the zoo home next time too. I would be mad too!
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Originally posted by Hissy
Geez! I never knew a hay delivery could be so exciting.
There never seems to be a dull moment at your house, Hissy. It's really too bad this gentleman thinks he needs to bring all his pets with him. Maybe other customers are just as unhappy as you are.
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Oh my gosh! What a time you had!!! This man sounds like a real moron! I am glad you got the cat out of the tree and found the parrot. Good grief, why does he have to bring all his pets with him just to deliver hay???
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Oh dear...well at least from all accounts, everyone got some exercise...though the 'gentleman' should perhaps leave his zoo at home. Is he the only hay delivery gentleman you can get? Perhaps use a different gentleman but with the same company? I don't know how it's set up...just seems the 'gentleman' is too arrogant to care.
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Wow...what a night you had.
That guy certainly needs to get a clue!
Maybe the dogs won't hurt them physically, but it can't be good to stress them out like that.
And what if something had happened to either your cat, the parrot, yourself or someone who was helping you?
Not to mention that fact that it's sad that he was just waiting for an excuse to punish that poor dog...and your pets became the pawns in that little game. Seems like he does not deserve to own any animals.
I would be insisting he either does not bring them next time or secures them properly...otherwise you will take your business elsewhere.
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Do not understand why this idiot has pets. "He was waiting for the dog to do something so he could punish her"!!!!!!!! Its called abuse. I wonder how he'd like a strap across his butt a few times. I'm afraid I would have lost it, not only for my animals but for his also. This moron is no gentleman and I'd be getting my hay from somewhere else next time.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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Wow! That is all I can say. Your poor animals, the poor animals that are owned by the "bad" man. At least your animals having a loving and secure environment to recover in, unlike like the poor dogs and parrot! I am just happy everyone came away realitively unscathed.
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This needs to be the "Some People!" week!

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