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First nite away from the kitties

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As some of u might no I am babysitting tonite including adults when they get home but all the kids are sleeping I think i might take a nap, seeing how I will get woken up at 3 when my brothers and sil come back and some of their friends so I get to "babysit" all of them what fun huh And well my head is killing me because they sprayed alot of perfume and cologne before they left and so i have one of those sinus headaches soon to be migraine but anyways this is my first time away from the kitties for a full night...and i don't like it but i know they are going to be mad at me tomorrow...i did have to et some ground rules with them though I told bella now beating up Stormie...and Stormie to play back when bella tries to play and also not try to play with sugar (the bunni) or baby (the guinea pig)! I am a worrier huh ever since stormie came and she was so sick I havent left for a full night...imma miss my cuddles tonite I wonder what damage will be done to my room tonite
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The kitties will be SO happy when you come home tomorrow, believe me! Don't worry about them...they will probably smother you with love tomorrow. Take care of your headache for now. Do you have allergies to perfume? Take some asprin or ibuprofin and relax. Sounds like you have a long night!
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Your kitties will just sleep while you're gone.

It's really inconsiderate not to skip the perfume (they could even spray it outside before they leave). I'd insist next time, one of the rules of you babysitting, is no perfume.
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I babysit midnights full time. I haven't slept in a bed for the past month.

At first I was upset and didn't want to leave the poor boogers there. (mind you I am right beside my house. ) But everything turned out okay. Mia was hte only one that took it badly. She's my Mexican Hairless dog, and she has slept with me every night since I got her in August. So it was hard on her. She tried sleeping with my sister, but it didn't work out. So I came home to pee and poo on the floor for the first couple days. But now she sleeps with my mum and all's well.

The cats could have cared less.

Good luck, have fun.
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aww..........well they'll miss you tons of course but if you gave them a pep talk, well they´ll know they rules..............wont they
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well I am home now and my sleepin schedule aint messed up I ended upo posting this and then I went to sleep and woke up when they came home and went back to bed a few hours later, i would have been on here if it wasnt for my one brother in the br right next to were the computer was and well my mom threw the cats a party they got free roam all night...makes me wonder what my mom was doing last ngiht...wonder if she had a party...gotta question her when she gets home...but all the kitties were out last night haveing fun running through out the house

but....i am not going to be home again tonite the party that was supposed to happen last night was cut short so they are resuming it tonite and my SIL wants me to go to her one friends with her so but since I been home Bellas been asleep on her tv box and I want some lovin but o well I might take a nap just for cuddles
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