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I feel like I'm living in a haven of irresponsible pet owners or just plain ignorant crazy people who should be locked up and pets taken away.

First there were the kittens cramped in a small laundry that I mentioned in an earlier thread that the RSPCA looking after my area decided that it wasn't worth looking into....grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....have since sent them my letter of complaint.

Then a puppy that isn't fed until it barks continuously and is not given water.....we are very nearing the 100F mark up here......and I'm getting the address of that one and calling the local ranger to handle that one today. As I've heard the house smells of dog poos and there's 8 week old dog poo around the house.....it gets worse so I'll stop.

There's dogs in yards with no adequate shade or if there is shade, no water. And at dusk till dawn, there's feral cats around at times with kitten in tow.

And then there's the people under the impression that if you don't want a dog or cat, it's ok to let it go wandering round the neighbourhoood rather than take the effort to look for a good home or to send it to the Rainbow Bridge. I absolutely lost my temper when someone said it was ok yesterday. I told them to look around at the amount of dogs and cats wandering the streets around town and that it's not a good life for them. There's disease, the constant threat of being caught and tortured by some sicko, territorial disputes, the lack of water, (living right on the edge of a desert), lack of food, lack of shelter. And the dogs and cats around now do breed and their young ones aren't healthy and not all survive due to disease, hunger or get eaten by something else. If that's a good life then why am I not interested?

I cannot believe some people. I feel like I'm bashing my head against a brick wall. No one seems to want to know or even look and there's a feeling of apathy around.
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It is really sad some people's lack of understanding and compassion for animals. I don't blame you for being upset! It is so admirable of you to try to help these poor animals!!!!! You are an angel!
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Mags, we all know exactly how you feel. When will people figure out that these are LIVING BEINGS?!?! They are not just something you can throw away when you are done playing with them.
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