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My goofy cat

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Lynx loves to play with his toys on his tree. The hole in the platform seems to be a favorite attraction.....

His butt up in the air is a common sight at our house.

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silly kitty! he likes that mousey!
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If you put it on the top platforms he will jump up to it, grab the tail in his teeth and throw it off. He gets some pretty good distance too. Then he looks at you to get it and put it somewhere else on the tree. The first picture is him snagging it off of the top of the round part.
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Love the butt pic! Looks like that tree was the best investment you've made!
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aww........ those are so cute and he looks like he's have a great kitty adventure
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Aww, he looks like he is sooo happy playing upside down.
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Awwww.... he loves his tree!
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Awwww he's gorgeous
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Loves his tree! Pretty boy!
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He sure looks as though he's having lots of fun up there! Is he an only cat?
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Kitties have no shame when it comes to their butts!
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He is very cute.
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Lynx look at that handsome boy He loves his tree
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post
He sure looks as though he's having lots of fun up there! Is he an only cat?
Only cat, but we do have a older dog. They are getting better about getting along, but as a kitten Max (the dog) was Lynx's favorite toy. He still stalks him sometimes, but doesn't pounce as often. Poor old Max just looks at us with those big brown eyes that say "Why did you do this to me?"
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He thinks he has a nice butt what can he say... LOL
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