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The Marbled Menace strikes again...

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In addition to all her *other* bad habits...I caught her on *top* of the refrigerator. The little brat!
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Haha! There is nowhere that Radar can't get to. It worries me when he lounges nonchalently on top of the sitting room door, it worries me even more when he leaps from bookcase to bookcase using the door as a launch pad - usually hits it at about 25mph in his race around the flat

On top of the kitchen cabinets is one of his favourite places to go, he has to be careful when leaping from one to the other not to bash his head on the ceiling. I have an acrobatcat.
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Yeah, her two speeds are zip zip and out like a light. Over things, around things, under things, through holes.. the latest has been up on the counter (which we've been correcting) and today.. today it was apparently from the counter to the top of the :censor::censor::censor::censor:... I said, excuse me... what DO you think you're doing??????? She said "MEOW" and then jumped down.
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Maia has had this fixation with getting up on top of the fridge! She is not the limber minx most cats are, so she can't just jump up. She has been trying to climb on top of whatever to work her way over......I catch her, and funny thing is when I do she is looking right at me, she knows better!
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Aaaaah, I am finally in an apartment where the fridge is unaccessable to Trout
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Aaaaah, I am finally in an apartment where the fridge is unaccessable to Trout
me too............
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Reilly is a refrigerator cat. Being a nimble Siamese hes up there all the time. I don't mind that but often when I open the fridge door he gets onto the open door and if I didn't notice him there and go to shut the door I'm not sure what would happen.
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Yes, Joyeux (heretofore known as the Marbled Menace)... gets into everything. The refrigerator, the dishwasher, the basement, the cabinets..has her head in the toilet seat the minute the lid is up or right before it's put down... she's going to get crushed or locked into the refrigerator.

I actually did shut her in there for about a minute, one day. I thought maybe getting locked in would cure her of her determination to be in it. It didn't. She's gotten shut in there a few times now, for a few minutes... not deliberately, but even with checking to make sure she's not in there, it's easy to miss her. She goes all the way back behind the food on the bottom shelf and hides so you can't get her. Fortunately, given the chicken or duck or whatever it was that lived through being shot and *then* through being refrigerated.. my guess is she'd be all right if she did get locked in there given it's above freezing and she's got really thick plush fur.. but.. it worries me about other things she gets into.. she's so fast you don't see her. I mean, I'm *always* on the watch for her and I'm super viligant about it, and I still miss her zipping past me into places sometimes.
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