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leave the seat down for me!!

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Okay I know this is going to be hard to believe it was for me too but now I have witnesses(my roommate and my hubby). For the longest time I thought someone around the house was really gross. I would find pee in the toilet and no paper and even worse nobody was flushing!! I accused all the other parties and vise versa. One night when we were laying in bed we heard water in the bathroom...We rushed in to see Minnie peeing in the toilet!!! My roommate has caught him as well..It is the funniest thing. What a good kitty, he has never peed anywhere inappropiate only his litter box and the toilet!! Every since he was a wee little fur ball he would not let me close the door to the bathroom...even if I was showering he was right there on the ledge of the tub watching..Eventually I would shut him out and he learned how to open the door(bathroom door is different from other doors) so their went all privacy...Do you think he learned by watching??? I want to tape it because it is so funnnnyyyyy to watch...It is hard catching him though..
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That is hysterical! They are smart, Maia always jumps up for door knobs, she doesn't pee in the toilet yet though!
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That is superb!

I have heard that you can train a cat to use the toilet, I wouldn't try it myself because one of mine loves water so much that I fear he would go swimming in it but yes they can learn to do it, that's great, what a saving on having to buy litter! And no more scooping! All you need to do now is teach him to flush
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Wow! That is so funny! I have heard of cats doing that before but I have never actually seen one do it! LOL! I am not sure how I would react to seeing my cat do that! Did the cat have a previous owner that could have taught him that? That is too funny!
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I once had a cat who also taught himself to use the toilet. I caught him at it one day as I passed the door and there he was, perched on the seat, his behind over the bowl. He gave me such a filthy look, as if to say, 'Mind my privacy, please!'.
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I love it! "How many times do I have to ask you to put the seat down! How is the kitty suppose to use the toilet if you leave it up?!" I am dating a Taurus right now and that would get me no where! Maia fell in the toilet once because he left it open, some how it was my fault and she was a"stupid cat"! Men...........
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Wow he is a cleve fella!! I am impressed - unfortunately mine only see the toilet as another thing to drink out of and drop toys into!!!
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Wesley's mom-I have had Minnie since he was a kitten.
JennyRanson-LOL that is the same look I got...Human how dare you interupt me!!!
Minnie is a smart kitty but I never knew he could do that!! Now all he has to do is teach his brother Cyclopes(doubt that will happen)
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We also had a cat who taught himself to use the toilet.

As for the flushing, I have heard of cats who liked to watch the water swirl and it caused a problem when the next water bill arrived.
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That is possible on the watching and figuring it out. I know my rexes would watch me open doors and cupboards and then imitate the same.
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My goal this next month is to record it on video...I am going to leave the video camera out by the bathroom to see if I can catch him.
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My 15 y/o Coco used to wee over the shower outlet or the bath plug hole when she was young. Doesn't do it now though. In Australia we have a product that is a series of different sized toilet seats to teach cats to use the toilet.
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