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REALLY bad week for me and my babies...

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NOTHING can go right in my life this week....

My week started out bad on sunday. We thought my cat Howard might have an obstruction. So... I was down at the clinic I work at taking xrays of him... While I was there, I fell on a concrete ramp and bruised my knee REALLY bad....

Monday, I had Howard in again to make sure that the suspicious area that was seen in the xray had moved along. I was terrified that my 15 - 16 year old cat would need surgery. Thankfully he didn't need surgery because it all passed. (it was probally a hairball clogging him up) Then I got bad news about him... his bloodwork showed he had the beginings of CRF....#$%^!

Tuesday, I brought in Neko to have his RBC count rechecked. He is one of my rescues who had such a bad case of flea aniemia that he needed a blood transfusion. His RBC count went up but the number of new RBCs being produced, went WAY down. So I have been a little on edge from that. Then, I found out a stray that I took in to the shelter I use to work at had to be put down. He was dying from FIV. He's been hanging around my neighborhood for several months, but I couldn't build up his trust enough to grab him until recently. (It's more then likely because he was dying and felt crappy) He was a very scrappy cat so i'm betting he spread FIV to all the other strays in my area.... I feel really guilty now... I feel like I caused his death, even though I know that the FIV would have killed him.....

Wednesday was my only good day so far....

Thursday started off well. But then as I am getting ready to head back to work from my lunch break, Howard who had the possible obstruction, had a seizure. He had NEVER had one before. I RUSHED him in to work... (I was shaking the entire time) The vet was afraid he my have had a blood clot... We did an EKG, check his blood pressure, put in an IV catheter to give him valium to keep him from having another, and took even more xrays... Everthing came back normal. So its either 1) an idiopathic seizure, 2) He has become epileptic, 3) or.... (god, I REALLY hope its not) a brain tumor. All we can do for right now is keep an eye on him and hope it doesn't happen again...

Which leads me to today.... My clinic is now limiting how many animals employees can get a discount on.... I KNOW I have a lot... with my newest rescue, who I am still trying to find a home for, I have 8 cats, and 2 dogs. I can only use my discount for 4 animals...Almost all of my animals are special needs.... How am I suppose to pick which ones to use my discount for? It's not like the owner isn't still making money off of me... My discount is 50% off services and products at cost. In Xrays on Neville ALONE I have dropped.... oh.... 400 dollars easy... And he had to be sedated for all of them so we dont break anymore bones... which adds up to another 200... plus his surgerys....We have a digital xray machine so it costs him NOTHING to take an xray but I still get charged for them...
His whole big idea behind this was that several of the employees have really high bills that dont get payed as often as they should... So this is going to somehow lower everyones bill.... WHAT! everyones animals are still going to get sick and need medical attention. If they aren't one of the 4 they dont get the discount and their bill will go even higher.... GRRRRRR!!!
So because some people I work with dont pay their bills... I get screwed....

I really hope tommorrow is better.....
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here's hoping things get better. I can understand where your coming from.

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Awww! You have had a terrible week. My babies and me will be sending prayers and good vibes to you and your babies in Florida. That really doesn't make sense about the vet though - is there somewhere else to go that would honor a discount for ALL? I agree that is not right.
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That was SOME week. My heart goes out to you.

Hugs and kittykisses, tail-talk and headbuts, snuggles and purrrrrrs and "Oh, please don't worry" licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Sounds like you've had a rough week I'm sending lots of vibes your way (((((((VIBES)))))))
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I am sorry that you had such a bad week, you do not deserve that, you are so good to your animals.

I hope you have a better week next week.
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Hope next week is better
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Awwww, I'm sorry you had such a rought week Its a good thing next week starts tomorrow and you can start fresh
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That was a really rough week. I hope next week will be much better, and that Howard doesn't have anything serious.
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Sorry you have had such a bad week, fingers crossed things get better.
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