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Let's Swing!

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Hello All!

I have known three cats that love to be, well, swung. Felix, one of my parents' cats will come into the room when ever anyone is folding sheets. If we make a hammock of the sheet, he will happily climb into it to be swung back and forth. This lasts as long as the "swingers" arms hold out. (Which is not as long as one might think as he weighs 13+ pounds!) My dear Riley, who passed many years ago loved the same game.
Danny also likes this, though he prefers a light-weight fabric play cube with three entances/exits. (Which is fortunate since it can be handled by one person, namely me.)
Are there any other "swinging" cats out there? Why do you think they like it?

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My Maverick loves to be rocked/swung in my arms, I'll have to try a sheet I didn't think of that. He purrs so loud when you swing him back and forth!!
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Maia loves when I dance with her cuddled up in my arms......and swung in a bag after she climbs in! Don't they just make everything better!
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I think the swinging motion reminds them of when they were very very tiny and being carried by their mum
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Another game here - 'Spin Me' - he sits in an office chair and we spin it. He'll stay there for 5 mins. while we spin him around and he never seems to get dizzy (tho' we don't really do it too fast, and reverse it partway through).
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No "swingers" here, but we also have a "spinner".
I thought Gracie was the only one who loved to sit on the computer chair and be spun.
Glad to see she's not as goofy as I thought
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Scooter likes the t-shirt swing. Ever since he was a tiny boy, I would pull the hem of my t-shirt up around him like a sling. When he was a baby, he would stay there as much as I would let him. Now he just does it occasionally.
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I dance with my Clyde, too! He loves it, until I go for the big dip at the end...

But the funniest thing in our house is little St. John Dundee, our 7-month-old medium-haired orange tabby. My father is 85, and he uses a "rolater" -- like a walker with wheels and a little seat where you can take a rest when you stop. One day St. John jumped up onto the seat while my father was making his way through the living room, so Papa just took him for a ride! Out to the kitchen, turn around, into the front hall, around to the back door... and all the while, St. John sits there ever so primly with his tail wrapped around his toes, craning around to see everything as he passes by!

It's so good for my father, who has no interest in exercise at all... but he'll drive St. John around the house for ten minutes at a time, and they have great fun. Pet therapy is the BEST!
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