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sad dream

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my mom died when I was 12 and I had this dream about her and for some reason it keeps making me so sad today
My little brother doesn't remember her. In my dream she was still alive and was sick living in this little studio apt, I was having to talk my brother into going and meeting her and basically saying good bye cuz she was gonna die soon . He didn't want too. I kept telling him how much it would mean to her if she got to see him one more time. Finally he came with and our mom didn't even reconize him, she thought he was my boyfriend. She was so sick and out of it and seemed happy but hardly reacted.
Then (I'm not sure if this was a new dream or not) she was in my apt looking healthy and young with her long hair (her hair was falling out when she was sick so it had to get cut). I was laying on my bed and looking at her thinking how pretty she was as she was talking to me. I looked over at the mirror she was standing in front of and there was no reflection. I realized then that she was dead and got scared. she saw me being scared & started to leave turning into this light blue streak of light out the door and I was yelling mom please don't leave me come back. I woke myself and my boyfriend up yelling this in my sleep.
I'm just so sad and don't really have anyone to talk to over here. The boyfriend could have cared less....my cats are all over me now....
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You know, sadness isn't necessarily a bad thing... I think it says a lot about how much you love someone. It's not fair that your mother had to leave you both so early. Sending you good thoughts and I hope your day brightens up soon.
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Oh my, I cant relate to how you feel, my father died when I was 12 and I had bad terror dreams for years then as they years passed the dreams changed.....I think its the way our brain deals with our pain and its definately a form of grieving even if its years later its just our minds sorting things out.

Give your kittys lots of hugs and heres some from me too
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I can totally relate to you sweetie!! My dad passed away 2 1/2 yrs ago, and every dream I have had-always makes me sad!! I think its because I wake up and remember, oh yeah, hes not here It is a very hard thing to deal with. I have had several dreams where he was alive and WELL, but then theres times I dream of him being in the hospital and so so sick(just like before he passed)

I hope your day gets better.
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Your mom was reaching out to you in your dreams. In the first dream she was reminding you to keep her alive in your brother's mind and heart. Since he doesn't remember her, its up to you to tell him storys and keep her memory.

In your second dream, she wanted you to know that she was OK. Once loved ones cross, they are no longer sick. But when you got scared, she realized you weren't ready to sit and talk with her so she left.

She will come again. When she does, welcome her. Cherish the time you will have to spend some time with her again.

My grandparents and my nephew come to me in my dreams often. My grandmother is my protector. She gives me some good advice on dealing with life and my father. My nephew reminds me to think and stay healthy and young. We laugh together like we did when he was alive.
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