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Radio question of the day: 03/02/07

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What are you allergic to?
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The only things I've found that I'm allergic to are Red Wasps and Codine. Red Wasps I've been allergic to my whole life. I developed an allergy to Codine about 6 years ago.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
What are you allergic to?

Absolutely nothing.
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nothing. I used to be allergic to dogs and cats, but that has gotten better.
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Mycian anti-biotics. It's one of those deadly, not breathing, big red rash ones.
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Cats and dust mites, and I highly suspect I am allergic to ragweed or pollen or whatever it is that causes hayfever... Achoo!!!!
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Too many things to list
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Nothing that i know of.
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I never used to be allergic to anything, but I'm now allergic to any and all stimulants, including caffeine. I can't have caffinated sodas or teas, anything like that. No medicines with epinephrine or similar drugs in them, no medications with any kind of stimulant in them. No novacaine with epinephrine (it's a little known fact that the dentists adds epinephrine to novacaine, it makes it work better and longer) which means they have to use different numbing agents on me when I go to the dentist.
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I have recently become alergic to fresh cut grass and the mold produces by rotting leaves in the fall. ONly mildly alergic but some of the sneezes rattle the house
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
Nothing that i know of.
same here
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Ragweed however that has improved vastly over the years (w/o me doing anything). Actually its the giant ragweed plant. And penicillin-with a rash unlike my mom who had to be hospitalized shortly after taking a dose.
I swell up quite a bit from wasp bites-hopefully I will pay more attention to the location of the nests this gardening season.
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Nothing that I know of.
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Oh, gee, where to start? I'm allergic to a bunch of the normal stuff...ragweed, tree pollen, mold, bee stings, etc. I'm also allergic to some really weird stuff...avocados, corn silk (not corn...just the silky stuff inside the corn husk), Bounce fabric sheets, neoprene (the stuff scuba gear is made out of), Sofitel hotels (seriously...every time I stay there I break out in hives).
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
What are you allergic to?
Nothing!! I have seasonal allergies though,lol...does that count??
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SMOKE- i will have aweful aweful astmah attacks if i'm by anyone who's been smoking or has the scent on their clothes./ I am super allergic to flea/mesquito bites- i break out everywhere and have to go to the doctor and get shots- if i get bit by fleas/mesquitos- i immedately put hydraquarterzone on the spot and take benadryl- sometimes that keeps me from breaking out too bad. I'm also really allergic to fire ants and brown recluses spiders- Geesh! And people wonder why i hate insects Dust, some types of pollen,Codine, Penicilline, Agumitten, Yeast-certain types,Grufilcan, Cephlosporins, yellow gold, some types of silver,Wasp stings, some types of Silicone, Dairy (depends on what it is- i'm lactose intolerant) and on Wednesday i have an appointment to be tested for food allergies (they think i'm allergic to certain types of foods that are maiking my GI issues worse). I'm also allergic to grass- if i sit on grass outside wearing shorts- i'll get huge red rashes all over my body. I'm sure there's more i'm forgetting- i have bad allergies- but thankfully i am NOT allergic to animals or flowers/trees and things like that just grass. Timothy Hay makes me really sick too- i can't give it to my rabbit Sophie- my mom has to because i start sneezing, coughing, and get it makes my eyes water. I'm also really allergic to "Mr. Bubbles" bubblebath- my mom put that in my bath once when i was little- never again!
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Blue dyes in laundry saop or soaps...& my own skin(literally).
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Everything mainly the cats
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I don't know if I have any real allergies. Although I once had a bad case of hives. A really bad case as in big red puffs and a trip to the emergency room.

Two hours and four shots later they never were able to pin point a cause.

But I do have sensitivities to fragrances in soaps, laundry products and just about any personal care product.

I always get the "free" stuff. Which is also good because I am very picky about smells.
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I posted nothing before but I need to change my answer!

I am allergic to the nickel that is found in buttons in jeans- I have really sensitive skin and it makes me break out. I also break out from certain lotions- their fragrances, and cheap jewelery. Also, I need to use a special laundry detergant, or I'll break out terribly. I have eczema- so its not really fun.
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Nothing here!
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Question is... what am I NOT allergic to?

From the huge list that I was tested for I remember a few.... Like:
Milk, Bread, Eggs, Timothy Weed, Oak Trees, Cats, Dogs, Dust.... blah blah blah!!! I might as well live in a bubble though I'd be allergic to latex or rubber probably!!
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Seasonal allergies here.

Currently something is making me allergic at the moment - I should find out what it is because my eyes are getting puffy and the skin around them is so dry!
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MSG, Bees, Avacado, and kiwi. I used to have seasonal allergies, but the last year or so I've not been bothered by them! Thank the Lord!
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Ragweed, pollen, dust and smoke! I cannot stand to be around it and it sets off my asthma to no end! Also there are a few antibiotics I can't take because they make my stomach upset. No foods or animals though
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I'm allergic to penicillin.
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I'm allergic to chicken feathers (which I found out last year, after sleeping under a down comforter for 5 or 6 years- no wonder my lungs and sinuses were worse-), goldenrod (comes out at the same time as ragweed, which is what I thought I was allergic to...), a type of mold that grows in flowerbeds, etc. in the spring and fall and can also be found in the house (goody), occasionally, I'll have a reaction to a myacin drug too , but that is starting to go away in about the same amount of time it took it to show up... happy, but , and green dye in soaps and bodywashes, etc. makes me break out. Hmm. Think that's it .
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Eggs, oranges (I can eat both, but in very limited quantity), magnolia, cats, and some fragrances.
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Mushrooms, bananas, morphine and ex-husbands.
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Aloe and Penicillin but not severly so.

Very allergic to BYB's though.
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