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Innapropriate litterbox behavior

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Warning - this is a little gross, but I am very concerned about my kitty. She is five years old and recently began acting very strangely with her litter box. Over the past few weeks I have observed her licking her litter mat and on a few occassions I saw her laying in her litter box. This morning was the last straw, though. I actually saw her eating her "breakfast" out of the litter box.

I have another male cat who has a tendency to act aggressively towards her on occassion. She used to spend a lot of time lounging in a large closet, which I think was her territory. I started locking it a few weeks ago because she began scratching my shoes, but I opened it about a week ago, after I saw how strangely she was behaving. This apparently has not corrected the situation.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
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No idea what's going on but have you tried calling your vet? My only thought is that maybe she's stressed out. You could try a Feliaway which mimics the happy smell cats mark their teratory with. It's supposed to calm them down and make them feel more secure.
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Yeah, she sounds stressed to me too. I did call my vet, but am awaiting a response. Thought I would see if anyone else out there had dealt with a similar problem... Feliaway sounds like it could be a good idea.
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Just know that it's a little pricy and doesn't always work. My Frankie has had problems w/ peeing in her box so I tried the diffuser... she peed on the wall right in front of it.

Of course, thats not the same as lying in and eating out of the litter box. Yuck! I wish I had more answers for you but hopefully your vet has some ideas.
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Yeah, I just spoke to him - he thinks it may be a form of anemia, so I'm going to bring her in. I'll be sure to have her teeth brushed while she's there!
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Huh... well, be sure to come back and let us know shes doing after her vet visit.
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I hope the vet visit goes well!
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Whenever I see Feliway Comfort Zone mentioned, I feel an obligation to suggest valleyvet.com... less than half the price you'd pay in a pet store...
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