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No Justification for terror

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Yet another senseless attack on Westerners
RIP and my sincere condolences to all those who are left behind.
As for the reporters, I really resent their underlying tones and implications, that Australia had it coming
Due to their support on the war against terror and Bush support against Iraq.
There is no justification for Terrorism.
There wasn’t any during 9\\11 and there isn’t any now .

Tish +
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Ok I am in the dark here- we are gettng a new television today and it is still being installed. What the heck happened now???
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There were bombs that went off in 2 nightclubs in Bali. Most of the people were Australian. www.cnn.com has a large section on what happened.
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Sigh....yeah...bren.1 sums it up well.
Our great politicians are still arguing about whether sending troops to Iraq or keep them here. Well, Lady Hawk, I'm an Australian but I take no offense to the reporters underlying tone, (it did probably play a part in it though). It's their opinion and they'll stick by it until the facts come out. So far the favourite comment is that is was an attack on all westerners. Yippee....I'm half Singaporean and half Malaysian and was born in and grew up in Australia...so am I a westerner or does that make me as bad as the terrorists?

Just wish this people would learn to tolerate and accept differences between cultures. It would be a damn sight nicer world. There's too much crap in this world.

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I have to agree with you there is too much crap in the world.
Howevere I really do not think that John Howards support, had anything to do with the attacks.
It was always a case of when not if 9\\11 proved that.
The French are apposed to the Iraq situation , yet they are under terror attack , the same with the Germans they are apposed and yet have been attacked.

Not for one second, do I consider all non westerners potential terrorist, I have not fallen into that tar baby of hate and never will.
There is good and bad in every race, suppression may be the cause of aggression but does not justify it.

Thats my two cents worth at anyrate.
Tish +
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I can see why the French & the Germans are opposed to the idea ... they have been thru 2 World Wars, yet terrorism still needs to be stopped before something really, really bad happens. I wish Bush would just send troops into Iraq and obliterate them....... The same goes for all of the other countries that harbor terrorism. It will never ever stop til the U.S. decides to step forward. Better to do it now before they get full nuke capabilities.
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I agree....there is no justification for terrorism...I am so very sorry to hear that this happened, and sorry for the people who lost their lives and their families.
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3 Americans also died in the bombings in Bali. This was a terrorist attack, and was aimed at anyone "non muslim" basically.

I have to say that although I am disappointed Germany and France are against the invasion of Iraq, I can surely see why. Lets not forget that Europe will be prime target for scud attacks, and possibly a nuke attack. There are over 50,000 Americans in Germany alone, and it will be volatile.

When I was living there, we were constantly on high alert, it was an every day occurence. I couldn't get onto the AirForce Base w/o having my vehicle searched each morning.

Please, as Americans, understand where the European nations are coming from. They will be prime targets for sure.
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