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Breeding question

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I have been thinking about breeding my persians again and have been doing some research on the time they are together. So I need some opinions on how long I should keep the queen and stud confined together. A breeder told me no more than 48 hours because if they are together for too long something about vials or something (sorry I cannot remember what she called it), anways they have two areas where the kittens grow and if they are together too long basically half of the kittens might die if when she is in labor she has to push down the sac with more kittens in it. Does this make sense or does anyone know what I am trying to say sorry for being so vague.

What I have done in the past is just let my cats run around my house and they do it until they get pregnant and I have never heard about this. I also talked to another breeder who uses a stud service who keeps her cat for a week so are they together that whole time?? She said the breeder puts them together in a room.

I am trying to do research and get the knowledge how to do this properly - we all have to start out somewhere

I know this is kind of vague - especially when I don't remember what she called it but just wanted to get some more ideas.

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First of all is your cat a purebred? Second do you have breeding rights? Has your cat been shown?

Just cause you have a purebred doesn't mean he/she should be bred. They should be excellant examples of the breed to start with and you should be IMPROVING the breed.

As far as your questions, most breeders let them "talk" to each other side by side till the female seems comfortable with things. Then they put the female in with the male (in a very large cage) and let them breed for 2-3 days - or they make sure they have witnessed several full breedings.

If you let them mate too much, you might run the risk of different "age" kittens growing and that's why you run into problems. BTW persians do tend to have more c-sections then most cats; so if you breed your female, be prepared some possible vet costs for c-section.
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Thanks for the information!

Yes they are both purebred, papered, and I do have breeding rights on both of them.
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OK, have you shown them? The reason I'm asking is that even if you have 'breeding rights", you don't seem to know a lot about breeding cats. Most good breeders do NOT sell breeding males (or females) to novice people. They are very careful who their males go to.

Do you mind me asking where you obtained your cats? Do you have some pictures.

I've been breeding and showing cats for many years, and do have enough knowledge to evaluate most breeds. I'm only concerned about the quality of the cats you have.

How closely related are your cats?
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Welcome to TCS!

The most I would put a stud and queen together is 48 hours. After that you're just playing with fire. You should be able to tell if the mating took 3 weeks later.

But before I even put the 2 cats together I would check bloodlines to at least 5 generations to ensure that the mating will be sound and produce the desired colors and traits.

The mating of Persians/Exotic SH to my mind is one of the toughest to do. So many things can go wrong if you are desiring to produce top show quality cats. One must look at every little aspect of breeding persians - Ears, Eyes, Nose, cobbyness etc. And some lines just do not work well together unless you are line breeding to lock in the desired traits.
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