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More updates from my dad's tests

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Mom and dad say the doc and results from his latest test on his prostate.
No cancer can be seen on any of the test results!!
However he doesn't know why his PSA #'s went up. They did another PSA test yesterday to check the numbers again.
They have appt next week to discuss options going forward.
If anyone has a spouse, sibling or parent that is/was at this stage of treatment can you pm me with their choices, how that is working and any side effects.

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Well, no cancer is good news, Gail. Hopefully they can find out what's cause the PSA results to be up. Good luck to you all.
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That's great that there's no cancer! That's a huge relief, I'm sure.
Good luck with his appointment next week!
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YAY!! No cancer~thats great!! Prayers with your dad for his next appt. Please keep us posted!!
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I'm so glad to hear that your dad doesn't have cancer! I hope all continues to go well.
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That is great news Gail! He must be so relieved! Is it possible that something he ate or OTC medication that he took would have caused the PSA to go up?
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