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Cat goes around in circles and moans

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For the past 2 nights, my 6 month old Siamese has been going around in circles under my bed while meowing to the top of his lungs. I mean he's very vocal as it is so you can imagine. I looked under the bed to see if it was something that was catching his attention but there was nothing. He's been very edgy lately and is not eating how he usually does. He's eating but not all his food like he normally would. Last week he also sprayed my bed (at least it smelled like it). He's going to the bathroom fine but it's this behavior that has me concerned. What could it be?
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If he hasn't been neutered, that's the trouble, and certainly accounts for the spraying. He wants to go out and find a lady cat, but you might never see him again if you let him out (and her babies could end up as strays). He's old enough to be fixed, so call the vet and make the appt.
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I agree its time for him to be neutered.
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If he isn't neutered, you should definitely take care of that right away, or his behavior will only get worse, and fairly quickly too. If he is already neutered, he maybe be having a urinary problem, or other issue so I would get him checked at the vet, just to be sure.
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He has not been fixed yet. Is he marking his territory by going around in circles?
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Spraying or inappropriate peeing usually marks territory. He is probably agitated because he's able to sense a cat in heat somewhere in the neighborhood. It may be a whole other issue, though. I've only seen one of our unneutered males act that way (had a few when I was a kid.. since I've kept them all fixed)..and haven't had many unneutered males, so.. I don't know if that's the normal behavior or not.

I'd be concerned enough about it to spend the initial vet visit to find out.. but if everyone else is sure that's what it is, there are probably those out there with *a lot* more experienced with unneutered males than me. Or, depending on your vet, you could just call them and ask if they think it's due to not being neutered. My vet would answer the questions, but the other one here.. would say bring them in.

BTW, I'd get him in for a neuter ASAP, if he's spraying, regardless of whether the other issue is related to that or not. Otherwise, you're going to have a spraying male kitty on your hands and neutering him probably won't change it.
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Thanks Heather. I think I'm going to start there. I'm going to get him fixed and hopefully that will calm him down.
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You might be able to exume some information from the vet when you call to make the neuter appointment. Just.. well, let me ask you... I'm hoping neutering will fix this but, I wanted to ask your opinion.. and then ask them about his odd behavior.
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If he's not neutered, he's realizing his a tom and if he's sprayed, he will spray again. Get him in the vet and have him neutered.

If he's already neutered, you might want a vet to check him for UTI - for males its a life or death situation if he's blocked and can't urinate.
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If he's siamese they do tend to mature younger than some other breeds of cat, so I'd say there's a good chance at 6 months that he's become fully sexually mature and is frustrated.

Unfortunately where I live I don't have the option of neutering before 6 months, and my cornish rex/siamese/dsh crossbreed (Radar in my signature) became really agitated at 5 months old when he could hear the pub cat at the end of the road calling when she was in heat and he was pacing round crying. I am currently searching desperately for a vet who will neuter a bit earlier because my purebred oriental is now 4 months old and I expect him to become sexually mature within the next month or so.

As GoldenKitty says, it's likely to be that, but he should go to a vet anyway in case it's a health problem which is unrelated - any change in behaviour should have any medical causes ruled out as the first stage of dealing with it.
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Get him neutered as soon as possible, although Siamese are extremely vocal cats, they love to talk to anyone or no one at all!
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I have a male cat and before I got him fixed he did these same things. So bringing him to the vet should solve your problems!
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Siamese are a naturally vocal breed. Getting him neutered and having him checked over for any underlying problems - like UTI - would be a good idea.
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Thanks everyone, for your input. I will do just that!
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I have never seen an unneutered male walk in circles and moan, yowl, pace, and be anxious to get outside - yes.
Does your cat look confused/disorientated/upset at all when this happens? Please make sure to tell your vet that he does this and any other small behaviors that seem odd or out of place. It could be UTI as others suggested, or something else.
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I think he's just wanting to go out and breed the nearest queen, I'm sure none of this behavor will continue after you get him neutured Purtyinpink_11

There are millions of unwanted casts out there, do him and the cat world a favor and have him fixed.
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