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Red Dragon

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Just saw this movie yesterday, and it was so much better than Hannibal. That movie seemed about the gross-out. Red Dragon is more about the killer's motives, and the profiler who tries to stop him. Ralph Fiennes is incredible. He really makes a great villain.

He must have worked out a lot, he was in amazing shape. There are several shots of him from the back, to show the tatto that covers him. I heard it took 7 hours to paint it on, where can I get a job like that?

The story is very creepy, of course, but it's done as an investigation of the murders. Hannibal is in it, and Anthony Hopkins is so scary once again.
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Being that Red Dragon is based on true story. I am glad to hear they did it well. The book was scary as could be.
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Sounds great! I should read the book first. I know it's been out for quite a while. Then I'll see Red Dragon when it hits the video stores. I did not see the second movie, but Silence of the Lambs was really good, wasn't it? I prefer suspense to gore.
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They haven't released Red Dragon here yet but it looks really good in the previews I've seen.
I loved Silence of the Lambs (and the book as well).
I haven't read the book for Red Dragon yet though.
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I read the book and really liked it. I can't wait to see the movie!
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The first movie from the Red Dragon book was really good, too. It is called Manhunter, and most Blockbusters have it. It was a low budget film, but followed the story really well.
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Phoar! Ralph Fiennes! I thought he was wonderful in Schindler's List, and not bad in The English Patient as well. I am looking forward to seeing him with few clothes on in Red Dragon......
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Loved Red Dragon!! Thought it was sooo much better than Hannibal - which I thought was a tad boring.... and Silence of the Lambs... which was good, but not as good as Red Dragon
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I completely skipped Hannibal, due to all reviews, but Red Dragon sounds worth it. Silence of the Lambs was very good, and the book was even more suspenseful and creepy!
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Red Dragon was worth it. I was so worried it would be crappy like Hannibal, but it was suspenseful, and a good story.

Flimflam, You will certainly get an eyeful. Also worth it. I think Ralph Fiennes is one of the best actors, and not just cause of how he looks. He is very intense. I remember seeing him in Quiz Show, and I couldn't believe this was the same guy from Schindler's List, he looked so different.
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