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Aristotle! Step away from the grapes...

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Joining the ranks of TCS kitties with a fondness for produce (including 8-Bit/bananas and Radar/broccoli) is my boy Aristotle.

Got home frome the grocery and while I was taking my coat off he checked out the bags and started pawing at the grapes. He didn't get any out, but I had to warn Mom that there might be cat hair on them.

Mom said "so what?".
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God, I love your Mom! She is such a hoot!
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I perfectly agree with your mom.
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Boomer is a grape monster! He tries to eat them and then gets mad when they roll away and bats them under the fridge or oven so I have to pull it out to dispose of it. I swear he does it on purpose!

As for cat hair on grapes, it is on everything else so why not
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I was making dinner for a wonderful friend of mine a few days ago and I was blowing cat hair off of my plates... he just rolled his eyes.
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Kitters loves brocc. too!! With a passion she would kill for it!! She sniffs the grapes but doesn't eat them and same with banana, though the way she sniffs them you'd think she ate them all the time! Goofy kids!
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Have any of you ever given your cats cantalope? Every cat I have ever had just loves catalope (whooops, I meant cantalope, or did I?)
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That's so funny cause bananas make Viola gag. She sniffs at it and then gags.
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Your mom cracks me up
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Are grapes toxic to cats as well, or just raisins?
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I love your mother's sense of humour!
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Last night Mom had the bag of grapes next to her as we watched TV. Aristotle jumped up beside her and sat on the bag! I don't think he wants to eat them, just lay on them.

BTW - Mom doesn't mind the hair on the grapes, but does mind it when the grapes are squashed by a kitty butt.
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Hairy grapes! but they roll so nicely, Meowmy!
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