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My queenie :)

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Here are more photos of Strwabi - she's so spoiled....

She wants to go to another bed, she never stands still

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love her and your sheets!
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What a beautiful little Queen. I love her beauty mark on her nose!
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Isn't she a little cutie pie
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What a pretty girl!

Thanks for posting the pictures of her.

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What a doll baby she is!!
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shes so cute

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o my such a cutie
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I love that last picture! Shes a sweetie!
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aww she has that just-woke-up-from-a-nap look
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Thanks for all the replies
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Awww, she's too sweet!!
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ohhh, she looks so comfy! she's really photogenic, too; beautiful cat
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what a cutie!
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Thanks Again, I will pass all your compliments to her lol
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She's soo cute she deserves to be spoiled...
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What a spoilt kitty

Beautiful face!
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