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Another day and still no kittens...

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Geez, I REALLY thought it would be sometime in the last 24 hours! How does everyone get through this nasty waiting? As I type she is laying all awkward on the floor...doesn't look very comfortable, but I am not seeing a lot of belly movement today...bit worrisome....Anyway, thanks for listening. Also, thanks for being patient with me.
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aww , the waiting game , aint it horrible?
i always found they kept me waiting to the last possible moment lol. then was scared when she was in labour lol.
good luck , hope its soon.
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LoL that s the worse bit....waiting and not knowing!! My cat had hers last wednesday, but i was expecting them to be a few days before that! i couldn't make any plans and barely left the house i was that worried she would be alone!!
Fudge did the same thing and just lounged about for a few days before hand.Ate like a horse right up to delivering too,so didnt even have that sign to let me know she was close!!
Do you know exactly when she is due?
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Since we moved down here in November (LATE November) She has escaped 4 times! (Don't you love it when kids don't remember to close a door!) I managed to keep her in when she was in heat in December (AWFUL noises they make!), and in January she was only in heat for 3 days...I thought that maybe it was when she escaped near New Years, but she wasn't in heat then. Her heat in January was so short that I'm convinced she was already preggo. Does that make sense to anyone?
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well she could have got pregnant at any time, as she doesn't need to be in heat to become pregnant!! has she been to the vet recently?as they can roughly tell you how far along she is?!
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oooo.. another one ready to give us some new babies I think Fudgesmum is right a vet will be able to give you a better idea
Has she started making a nest place for herself as yet - if not maybe you could put her a box somewhere quiet, with some old towels in, sorry if you have already done this.
Anyway, keep us posted and I am sure she´ll be fine..........oo and if you can try and take some photos of her babies when they come, you know how we are about photos here
Lots of positive birthing vibes whizzing your way
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I have had the cat box ready since I "saw" that she was pregnant. She goes in and checks it out once in a while. Mostly, she just lays around. Lazy bum. The box is in our walk-in closet, and out of the way of any child or foot traffic, no windows or that is good.

As for the vet, no, she hasn't been. To be honest that is due to financial reasons. Also the reason she hasn't been spayed. Although I did find out that the SPCA down here does it really cheap (I think it was between $11-24), I just want to wait until the babies are weaned. Unfortunately I didn't find that out until it was too late.

She has barely moved at all today, but she JUST now got up to clean herself, well, for a second anyway.

One other quick question. Does anyone else have a cat that doesn't really bathe as often as they should? Her littermate used to do it for her, but he went to a friends house when we moved (she loved him so much!) and now she doesn't do it much. She has always been this way! I have always had cats that really loved to be clean, so she strikes me as a bit odd that way.
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i have a brother and sister , one will clean both the other wont clean her self. i find this weird aswell.
so what i do sometimes is get a baby wipe and just wipe it over her now and again.
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Ask all we waited forever for Skittles till one day you just know.
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just wondering if theres any news today.......well I suppose you're all snoozing its just coming up to 09.30 am here in I´ll check in later - hope alls well
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it is 9:30 pm here. Is there kittens yet
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...Sunday morning.........just checking in..........
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lol! But...more discharge, more cleaning, and more following me if I leave any given room for more than 5 minutes. I actually had a dream this morning that she had them today and that there were *gulp* NINE of them...let's hope that comes partially true! Not the nine, just the having them today! She is laying on the hardwood floor in the kitchen right now....she seems to prefer the colder floors during the last week or so...I always wanted warmth when I was pregnant! lol! Will let you know when something happens!
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If you are not sure of the mating, hell the waiting is.....

Good morning. Do we have kits yet?

Are you sure of your day counting?

I think these cats sit up all night figuring out how they can drive us nuts the next day.

If no action by Monday, please call a vet and explain your situation.

You are not alone, you have about 7 million others waiting with you.
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not yet but more discharge ooooooooooooooooooo. The wait is killing me.
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think we need some TCS - have your kitttens vibes - sending out
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
think we need some TCS - have your kitttens vibes - sending out
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