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Thread Starter wishes to welcome all of you and tell you about our very first Contest:

All this month is accepting stories (true ones) written by members and having to do with Rescue of Cats. The rules are simple- one essay per member- no more than 500 words. Once you write it up- submit it to the Paws & Reflect Forum and PM a moderator and ask her to lock and stick the thread. The contest ends October 31st and the winner will be announced on November 10th.

There is one prize being offered for the winning entry. You can view the prize here on the link below.

I have to tell you, I have used this product over the past week to soothe a feral who was ill and had to be contained upstairs. He was wild to get out and his yowls echoed throughout the house constantly. Finally, I turned on the heartbeat of the Snugglekittie and placed the heat pack in the belly and presented it to Kabota. One week of blessed silence- unless you count purrs! I strongly recommend this product to anyone with nervous pets or anyone who has kittens or will be getting them in the future. It is a marvelous invention.

Mention this website in your order and receive 10% off the cost. Or, write up a story and submit it and see if you will win one of these for free!

Good luck!