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Ok, I know in human kids, the stereotype is that daddy is for playing and rough housing, mommy is loving and cuddles. Do cats adhere to this stereotype? I swear, Evie does!! My boyfriend hates that she cuddles with me more than with him. I tell him "no, she doesn't!", but she obviously does.

But, to balance it out, she will *definitely* play with him more, and more intently, than she does with me... She's a fiesty little thing, and will play tons on her own, but she loves her stick toy, and catching fingers and toes under blankets when she plays with people. She will play with me, but it is so half hearted compared to how she plays with daddy, whether or not he's home...

Do cats tend to like playing with their daddies more? Or am I just lacking good kitty-play skills?
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Do cats tend to like playing with their daddies more?
No. The decision of which human is for playing or cuddling is up to the cat.
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Ben likes to play with DH & Molly prefers me. It's all about personality I think.
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