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funny story

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im not sure if this belongs here, but its a very funny story about a feral my great aunt owns....

my aunt owns this feral, she found it under a car. this feral is very aggressive
and very afraid of humans. the feral is kept in an office in her house, and is deemed "un-catchable" cuz this cat will scratch the heck out of you if you try to touch it. so one day my cousin tommy insisted he try to catch the cat so they can take it to the vet. he walks into the office and bolts at the cat telling everybody he's strong and he's a man and he's gonna catch the damn cat he grabs it, the cat scretches and scratches, and jumps out of his arms and runs up the wall onto the ceiling and down the opposite wall, then runs at him and scratches him more at the legs. then my other aunt walks into the room picks up the cat and holds it in her arms, and say's "whats the fuss all about?" my cousin nearly killed her. my cousin was all scratched up and bleeding many places
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sometimes ferals grow to trust one person, their caretaker, but still act wild with other people... which your cousin found out the hard way! hope he learned his leasson, sometimes the "strong" way is not the way to approach a cat
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