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The gentleman

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I tried this shots several times, trying to get the lighting right..it was that time of day with the natural light fading and the flash just looking weird. This was the best shot I was able to get before Mischief got bored with the picture idea and moved.

But I just had to get a picture of Mischief being a perfect gentleman (and pillow) for his lady friend Sassy

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awwww! very cute!!!!
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aww.. look at those gorgeous black kitties <3
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I wanna pet those, they are sooo cute
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aww........ two snuggle-kits............sweet
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Good shot! I find it so difficult to get a good pic of my black cat, Ellie, as she just soaks up all the light, no matter what I do.
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What a pair of black beauties
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Two very contented friends - and how nice to see a patient man!
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AWW!! What widdle luvers!!
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