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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Shouldn't be a problem, I think up until the last month or two.

Personally, I didn't want to be away from my doctors at the end.
Thats a big concern for me this summer. I'll be in my 3rd timester when all the fun summer vacations start... I know there are plenty of ways for me to have fun but being hours away from my doctor and my hospital worrys me.
I guess all those fun trips will have to wait.

Oh..My doctor called me early this week asking why my butt hasnt been in yet and I explained her office rescheduled me and she was like..Naa come in this day..Ive got time aside for you. I was like wonderful! I was very excited she was thinking about me!
So my 2nd prenatal visit was this thursday. I got to hear the heart beat (which was my 3rd time..working in the baby unit has it advantages ) and she told me everything looks greart. I only gained 1 pound Ive been eating like I should have gained 10 pounds. Also I hade my quad screen blood test done. At first I wasnt sure I even wanted one...what was it going to change...we were still greatful and still going to have our baby. But she said she likes to have all her patients take the screen. I am starting to see my doctor really goes all out for her patients and likes to be on top of things. There are no risk factors on my end but maybe in the long run I will be thankfull for the screen.

My next visit is in 4 weeks and then a week after that I should have my ultrasound appointment which will be able to determine if Im having a boy or girl. Im am dying to know...I hate surprises and this is like the ULTIMATE most specialist surprise EVER!!!!
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Wow, that's awesome! What a great ob Good luck with the ultrasound - I bet you're counting down the days!!!

I'm at 11 weeks now and am finally getting my energy back and am able to start eating almost normally again! I've lost 11 pounds now in 11 weeks, so I imagine I'll start putting it back on again now - I haven't lost any more weight in a few days now.
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