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Sunday's DT

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Hello everyone!!

I had a very long week, what with going back to work and all. It was awful, and I had to really adjust to going to bed earlier, getting up in the middle of the night with the baby, and getting up early in the morning to get her fed and both of us ready to go.

I really miss her during the day....but I am still looking into things to see if I can find a way to stay home with her. She has her first round of shots coming up this Tuesday. I hope it doesn't hurt her too bad, but I do have such a good kind Doctor, so I am sure he will be as gentle as he can.

I of course have been super tired this week with working and I stand on my feet all day long, which takes some getting used to after 2 1/2 months of not doing it. My feet have been pretty sore!!!

I managed to find an hour or so to be online here on Tuesday, then not again until Friday, so I have been playing catch up this weekend when I have time, and have gotten to read through alot of threads.

We had the graduation party for my step-daughter last night, who got her GED recently. (She was home schooled) and is going to college now....guess what she has decided she wants to be???? A vet!!! I think that is wonderful!!!!! Originally she wanted to be an art teacher, but has changed it to a vet! I asked her if that meant I could bring all my cats in for free!!! :laughing:

Amber seems to be doing well at daycare, although she has a bit of a cold now....

Today I am just doing laundry and trying to relax a bit before starting another horrible week of work.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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Debby, our hearts reach out to you still! I know in my heart you'll find an alternative, it's just a question of when.

I'm sure Amber will be fine after the shots. She'll be just like the kitties - probably sleepy, and definitely a little sore!

Congrats on your step-daughter.

...And work or no work, I'm pretty sure you'd be very tired anyway, although this must really take it out of you. We have a standing joke with all of our friends with young babies. At times they all seem like zombies, so we joke with them that while they may have no idea what they're doing (at work) and they can't remember what is going on around them (in the news, etc.), at least they were awake! When you meet someone in five years, and you talk about what you were doing in 2002, you can say "I have no idea, but I was awake!" LOL!

Well - we're going pumpkin picking. Gotta go! Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

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Phew - autumn is here with a vengeance - leaves falling off trees, driving rain, howling winds. 6 months of this to look forward to until spring!

We've been talking about lighting the fires in the house. We've recently renovated the house - as all the original fireplaces had been ripped out, we replaced many. Open fireplaces, for the last 40 years have been a dirty word in the UK - most people opting for central heating and 'coal effect' gas or electric fires.

Well now there is a huge resurgence in open fires - so I can't wait until I have the smell of woodsmoke through the house and neighbourhood.

Apart from that - not much to report. A not bad, relaxing weekend doing household chores and planning things to do to develop some new business for Blah Blah Marketing (my new venture) on Monday.

As the heating is now on, cats have done nothing but sleep under radiators all weekend. Quite right too!!!
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