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Hidding an accident

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So when we got home today Karma was acting VERY strange. Normally she just does ahula dance to greet us but today she was rolling all over the couch and doing everything she could to be cute and get our attention. At first we thought it was just her being cute but then.......

we walk into the kitchen. She had managed to knock awine bttle, empty thank god, to the floor, it shattered nicely. Plas all the other didhed were knocked around. This is not the first time this has happened.

We made sure she was okay before cleaning it all up. While we were doing it we started talking about the other times she had done this and realized that every time she does something like this she tries real hard to keep us from going into the room that had the accident.

Now she is acting all sad and upset like she knows she did something bad eventhough we have done nothing to punish her. We have just showered her with love brcause I am sur the noise of the bottle breaking scared her terrably.

Does anyone else experience this or is Karma just overly sensitive and knows when she is a bad girl and carries it with herself for hours. Even when we tell her she is not bad just currious and obviously having fun.
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hmm sounds like you've got one smart cute kitty!
mikey will knock stuff off my dresser at 6am becuase he wants me to call him over to be petted. he will knock something over...wait for me to look up and then pounce on my bed like a cougar and roll onto his side to be petted.

so i do believe they know just how to get our attention...even if its the sassy way.
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She is clever, and you're right... I'm sure the noise was enough for her.

Beandip has this thing he likes to do that he knows he's not supposed to do. In the morning all the cats are waiting for me in various places around, on, or near the bed. When I get up, most of them go running downstairs because they know it's time to eat. Beandip waits for me at the top of the stairs, then he slowly trots down the steps and slows down where the staircase turns. Then he stops, takes a quick look back at me...then he stands up on his hind legs, front paws on the wall, does a good stretch, then he sticks his front claws out just a tiny bit - then he stops suddenly and looks at me like "I wasn't going to do that!!!, I swear!". Then he quickly drops back down on all fours and heads down the rest of the way.
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I could see if she did it for attention but we weren't home.

Yea she is smart and clever. Sometimes too much for us even
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I never had a cat show anything even resembling remorse just the usual "uh oh, she caught me, better make myself scare".
I grew up with pitbulls that would hide when they did something wrong. If we came home and the dog didn't greet us at the door we knew we were going to walk into a disaster area. If it was really bad the dog would hide completely, like under a bed.
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Yes, I hasve experienced this a few different kitty relationships! When they sneak around where they shouldn't be, they don't want to leave evidence .
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Are you kidding? Evie knows when she does something we don't like, but does it any way and stares right at us! The closest she gets is when she wants to kiss my face, she knows I don't like it, so she'll try to be "sly"... But that's not at all on the same level as Karma! If she does something bad when we're gone, when we finally find out, she just kinda looks at us like "Yeah, so? I'm so cute, you KNOW you forgive me!"

Now, my dog, P-Chan, she is JUST like that! Similar to the pitbulls strange_wings mentioned. We have a big front window, and can tell as soon as we get home if she's done something bad! Then she tries to be real, real cute, and goes in to full suck-up mode, kind of like Karma.
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Oh, I wish I'd get the 'suck-up' act - our 2 yr old just runs and hides, but peeks out to see what's coming (but we fool him too, and don't react badly because we're too worried about him).
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When Ginger or Ferris has done something "bad" like knock over a shelf full of pots and pans in the kitchen, I get the exact same kind of greeting when I walk in the door.

The first time it happened I thought, awwww, she/he is gettingso much more affectionate! And then I found the mess, whatever it happened to be.

Now if they greet me that way I demand to know immediately what they did wrong that day, LOL!
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Originally Posted by BelongsToEvie View Post
Are you kidding? Evie knows when she does something we don't like, but does it any way and stares right at us!
Sounds like Radar, he knows what the word 'No' means, when we say it to him he glares at us and carries on with whatever he's not supposed to be doing I swear when he knocks something over he's more likely to proudly show us the devastation rather than distract us from it or hide. He has a very 'look what I've done' attitude to the devastation he causes
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Sorry if this is a little long and slightly unrelated, oh and first post.

My wife and I have two cats, littermates, Pepper (female) and Pumpkin (male). They came to us when they were 4-6 weeks old after a friend found them on her back porch. They are about 9 months old now and are absolute bundles of awesomeness. Anywho...

When ours do something they know they aren't supposed to do, they hide and pout and generally act like a kid who's been grounded. That's not the point of this post, though.

The kits stay in our bedroom when we're not home because we also have two turtles and...well...the kits can't be trusted. My wife keeps a small jewelry box on one of the dressers in the bedroom. One day while we were at work, the jewelry box got knocked over and jewelry went everywhere. When my wife got home, she was mortified. Not because of the accident but because she couldn't find two small diamond earrings and was worried that one or both of the cats had eaten them.

She noticed that Pumpkin was digging at the edge of a suitcase that happened to be on the floor, so she moved the suitcase and "TA-DA", there was one earring. She was still looking for the other when I got home.

The wife was still scared that one of the earrings had been eaten when I walked in and we looked for a few minutes while she told me that Pumpkin had helped her find one. I said "Well, let's ask them where the other earring is, then." We did, and I'm not making this up, Pepper ran to the dresser and started digging at it. Assuming that she was telling us where the second earring was, we moved the dresser. Sure enough, there it was.

Kitties got tuna and we got to tell all our friends how cool and smart our cats were.
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Oh wow, that's terrific, and another one of the thousand reasons we love cats and think they're the smartest!
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Our Dylan is that way -- he gets very sad if he knows he's done something bad, and he goes and sulks under the dining room table, no matter how we try to reassure him.

Of course, he has learned that if he holds out long enough, we'll deliver a saucer of warm KMR, so maybe he's just a really great actor!

Lethemuel, your story is great, and I believe it absolutely. Some cats are so smart they're scary. For example:

One day Dylan brushed past a door and made it squeak, and my father idly said, "Who's making that racket, Dylan?" Dylan stopped, went back to the door, and pushed it so it squeaked again. Then he looked pointedly at Papa for a moment and walked on.

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Wow - that is very interesting!! I've never seen my cats show remorse for anything that they've done wrong. My dogs on the other can take one look at them as you walk in the door and know if they've done something wrong.

What a smart girl!!
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