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Nick Cave
Nick Cave
Nick Cave
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the sisters of mercy

assemblage 23

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The Moody Blues
Stevie Nicks
Elton John

I think I've been to every concert the Blues and Nicks have had locally over the past 20 years. Would die to see an Elton John concert!!
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MIKA - Just gat his album. Cant stop listening!

Lost Prophets - All of theirs!

Nelly Furtado`s latest album. Some beautiful songs that make me go a bit dewy eyed!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Nick Cave
Nick Cave
Nick Cave
just wanted to let you know i love kadaj! i love that movie! ok im done
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BEPeas (& Fergie's break out cd)
Norah Jones
Billy Joel
Mariah Carey
Gwen Stefani/No Doubt "I'm just a girl in the world"

oh, sorry we were only supposed to name 3? I got carried away....
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The Beatles

and basically all of their solo spinoffs
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1. tori
2. pj harvey
3. live (i don't really love their recent stuff..but their throwing copper cd makes up for that)

other stuff i could listen to a good deal:
metallica, kate bush, joni mitchell, bjork, grunge bands (soundgarden, AIC, etc)
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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
3 faves:?

Pink Floyd
Motley Crue

thats neat your an 80's love like myself...
not listed, but if I gave ya my top ten Telsa's in there along with Journey, Posion and a few odds and ends from other bands.
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Currently it is:

Elton John~(BTW he was sooo awesome in concert!)
Nickelback.........lol....ok so right now they are really my FAVORITE!!!
Wait... I think you forgot nickleback

you always make me smile!
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You guys have given me great ideas for stuff to download. alot of new stuff I want to try too. I like that there is a varitey going on.

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Only 3!? I love every kind of music!

Lets see...

Carrie Underwood
Gavin DeGraw

My 3 that I really love!
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This is really hard, I can't pick just three lol

I'll try

AC/DC -The old stuff when they were more blues oriented and Bon Scott was still alive

Reverend Horton Heat

The Glenn Miller Band

How's that for eclectic?
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Another vote for the old AC/DC
One for KISS
and the third for Steve Miller Band

Winter Hawk
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I've gotta have FOUR....I can't leave out.........the........
EAGLES !!!!!!!!

Winter Hawk
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I knew I couldn't stop at 3!

Frank Sinatra and by proxy, Harry Connick Jr

I was really born a decade or two too late.
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It's a three way tie for #1: Our Lady Peace, Nine Inch Nails and U2.
2. Pink Floyd
3. Tool
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The Butterfly Effect
2- Weird Al
3- Evanescence
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ooooh I don't think I can do just 3!!!!!!

okay -

Foo Fighters
Damien Rice
The Feeling

For the moment anyway - it changes from day to day!!!!
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Favorite bands -
I love to dance, so anything I can dance to is great, like:

I tap dance, so anything from 1930's Busby Berkeley musicals, like "42nd Street" are for me.
l jazz dance, so "One" from A Chorus Line or "He Had it Coming" from Chicago are right up my alley.
I dance hip-hop every week. So that would be "Hey Ya!" by Outkast.
"Shake it like a Polaroid picture."
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1. Iron Maiden
2. AC/DC. I love all of it, Bon Scott was an awesome front man, though!
3. Judas Priest

It's hard to pick just three but those would have to be at the top. I'm a headbanger but I also like classic rock.
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I love all kinds of music, but classic rock and music from the 80s are my favorites. My three favorite bands/artists would have to be:

1. Journey
2. Richard Marx
3. The Eagles
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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis View Post


The 69 Eyes

Ooh OOh OOh Sully
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i listen mostly to classic rock
bad company - or whoever paul rodgers is singing for
led zeppelin
robin trower
hard to narrow it to 3 only
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Linkin Park
The Butterfly Effect
John Butler Trio
Josh Pyke

Also hard to narrow it down to three. I do like alot of Australian music, i also listen to classical.
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Bands I grew up listening to:
Guns N' Roses - The first CD I ever bought was "Use Your Illusion I" (I had cassettes prior to that)
Metallica - I taught myself some bass guitar because of the intro to Enter Sandman but didn't continue playing
Enigma - I became a man while listening to their MCMXC a.D. album

Current bands I listen to now:
Matchbox Twenty (and by association Tabitha's Secret) - Rob Thomas is a genius IMO
Linkin Park - Their first two albums rocked but the last is only so-so
Savage Garden - Too bad they didn't last very long
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omg thts hard, but i do love...

and...urm...well i listen to loads so my third one is EVERTHING!
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Great treat!..

Let see: ...


2.-Pink Floyd
3.-Def Leppard


Ladies Bands
1.-Wilson Phillips

1.-Mariah Carey ( just only the early years when she sang Rithm and Blues... )
2.-Janet Jackson
3.-Natalie Cole

1.-George Michael
3.-Phill Collins

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Let's see....

1) Deep Purple (Mark II lineup)
2) Deep Purple (Mark II lineup)
3) Deep Purple (Mark II lineup)

OK - really, I'm sorry, but Ritchie Blackmore is the most under-rated guitarist of all time.

So really, it's

1) Deep Purple (Mark II lineup)
2) AC/DC - I enjoy the later stuff, but AC/DC with Bon Scott was the best
3) Can't decide between Yes (with Rick Wakeman) or the Scorpions (but only with Michael Schenker) - or Thin Lizzy (but only with Gary Moore).

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Originally Posted by mezlo View Post
Savage Garden - Too bad they didn't last very long
OMG, I love Savage Garden too! I've been listening to them quite a bit lately (have always been a fan, since the first time I heard "I Want You", but hadn't listened to them in a couple of years). Have you checked out Darren Hayes' stuff?? It's pretty awesome too!
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