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An exciting evening...

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Last night, right after I went to bed, I heard thumping and banging and funny breathing noises coming from the living room. I panicked, thinking Ivo was having a seizure or choking. I threw on my glasses and robe, and rushed out. She was jumping on and off her kitty condo, chattering away and pacing in the windowsill. I thought that perhaps another cat had gotten on the roof and was taunting her, so I grabbed the flashlight and shone it out on the roof. I just managed to catch the back legs, butt and tail of a large mouse (or small rat, I hope not) scurrying down the drainpipe right next to the window and running across the roof.

I think it actually got up in the window and was standing just a windowpane's distance from Ivo. The funny breathing noises I heard was Ivo puffing her breath out her nose. Her face was plastered against the glass, and that's why it sounded so weird.

For the next 10 minutes, she kept on jumping in and out of her kitty condo, pacing and crying. She finally calmed down a little, but just sat in the window waiting for it to come back. When I went back to bed, she'd come in every few minutes, talking my ear off. It was almost as if she was saying "Mom, wasn't that exciting?"

She's still a little wound up today. When the neighborhood squirrel came around, she started the pacing and jumping and crying, when she usually just hunches down and chatters. I'm sure that tonight, she'll be waiting for her new friend to come back!
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:laughing: I bet you hope that he doesn't come back!!!

That is funny!
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LOL! That is GREAT. We just recently put up bird feeders right outside the window (one is a suction cup on the window). We can only open the "day" and night shades all the way when we're around, because we're not allowed to have pets here, so we have to monitor them, but Lazlo goes nuts for it. Shelly, like Ivo, usually just sits and hunkers down, tail "rattling" and teeth, ocassionally chattering. But some of the birds are used to them now, and they taunt them! Some of the finches fly up to the window and hover there! Lazlo "attacks" and presses his face up against the window, trying ever so hard to get at them.

Poor little guy.


It IS great fun!!!!

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That sound hilarious, but at the time,I'd have been upset and worried too. It also is something like my cats only they just sit there and chatter. but then again, I've never seen a mouse or a rat near here so I'm not sure what they'd do. I'd like to see it though.(but only during the dyatime! LOL)
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Aren't you glad they were separated by glass and not by a flimsy screen that a cat might be able to push out??

Friday night a couple of moths and a bee got in and Snowball got a good workout chasing them. They're ALL DEAD (the insects) now, of course.
(Way to go, Snowball, YAAAAY!!!!!!)
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Aren't you glad they were separated by glass and not by a flimsy screen that a cat might be able to push out??
I've learned that when I feed Ivo's pigeons, I take out all the screens and shut all the windows. This is the first time we've had an outside visitor stop by at night, however. Luckily, I don't like keeping my windows open at night, for security reasons. Now, I'm glad for cat reasons!
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