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Cat Urinating all over house

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Well, I've had dogs all my live, and this is my first cat. She pretty much adopted me.
So, he's all the info so that you can understand the problem better.
Raven is female, about a year/year and a half. She adopted me as a stray, a friend found her and brought her in, she wouldnt let me go so I gladly took her in. She was litter trained from day 1, no accidents, so she must not have been a stray for long. I imediatly took her to the vet next day, got her signed up on a wellness plan. She's up to date on shots, healthy and so on. She is not spayed yet, I am having it done shortly though. I am not plannin on having any kittens around

Now, within the last 2 weeks she has been urinating all over the house. On my bed twice, on my clothes, and on my dogs bed twice. She would also rather drink out of the toilet then the water bowl. She has never been like this before, not over the months I have had her.

Does anyone know what it might be? I love Raven, and I want to do anything to fix this, I do not want to have to find a new home for her.
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One of the most common reasons for a cat to start urinating outside the litter box is a urinary tract infection. The pain from the infection makes them avoid the areas that they normally go in (like a litter box). If she has never had an issue before and this started suddenly, there is probably something physically wrong with her. If you haven't taken her to a vet, suggest that you set up an appointment right away.
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Unaltered females can and do spray just like a tom cat does. Its coming into prime mating time and I'm not surprised at her actions. You need to schedule a spay appointment now - and if she's coming into heat if she gets outside, she WILL get pregnant.
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I have taken her to the vet, its not a urinary infection. So you think it may be 'spraying'? Well I called about spaying, they're not doing it untill mid march where I'm going so I'll have to put up with it for another few weeks. We are extremely careful going in and hou and the only time she goes out is in a carrier to the vet so I'm not to worried about her getting out.

thanks for the info
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You will want to start cleaning up the areas she has marked in the mean time so that when she returns from her spay, she doesn't return to those spots. Get a solution that neutralizes urine smell and use it liberally: Nature's Miracle, Zero Odor, Urine Gone, etc.
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Yeah, I use pet zymes, it works great with my dog and though she urinated on the bed mine and my dogs twice, it wasnt in the same spot
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There are a couple of things you might try, although I don't know if any of them will fix the problem. Have you changed litters?

A.) Put more litter boxes in your house, and keep them spotless (scoop them every single day). You might also try changing the type of litter box, switch from covered to uncovered... uncovered to covered. Try using clumping litter instead of the kind you can't scoop.

B.) If this doesn't do it, you can try putting her in a small space with her litter box, keeping her seperated from the rest of the house and feeding and watering her in this small space. Usually a bathroom is about right. Once she's using the litter box and not missing, you can move her into a slightly larger room, same procedure. If she misses, you have to move her back to the smaller room and try again. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.

There may be some other issue, so it's hard to tell if that's what it is or not. Are there any other cats in the house? Has the interaction between them changed at all? Could one be blocking her litter box? Have you started using a different type of litter box lately?
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My female cat started spraying too. She was around 7 months old. I took her to get spayed and she hasn't sprayed since (thank goodness lol). So I agree that might be the problem.
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